Friday, February 23, 2007

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Good news! I got five new lenses for my camera yesterday! All in great condition and at a good price too, very excited, have been practicing with them all morning.

Yesterday while driving to get said lenses I was listening to the news on the radio, the reporter made a comment that made me very very mad, He said and this is not the exact quote, I am looking for the quote and will post it later, anyway he said
"Today US soldiers killed 12 insurgents, but others are saying 16 were killed including woman and children"
So you see the point I am trying to make is that, that did not need to be added, it didn't, it riles people up because of course they are going to get upset, its upsetting, but THESE TERROISTS AND OTHER PEOPLE IN OTHER WARS PUT THE WOMAN AND CHILDREN IN FRONT OF THEM! In some cases the children fight! Oh it is know doubt wrong, but if we were to stop fighting children, if we were not going to bomb or take on every little hovel with a pack of woman and children in front and an army inside, we might as well give up, we the Americans can hold our hands up, fly the white flag and deliver the country on a silver platter!

Do you think they are sitting around saying well you know I think there will only be US Soldiers here, here and here, they are planning ways to kill as many of us as possible, we are Americans and for the most part and even worse we are not a Muslim Society. It is so much more then people realize.

So go ahead take the troops out of the Iraq, start withrawing them, do not fund them, Do what you will, but I can promise it will not end, it will never end until we put our foot down, stop pandering to the peacekeepers and do what we need to protect our country.
For all of you who want to "quit" Iraq, the next time you wake up to another attack on our country that could be much worse then the last, I hope you finally wake up and pray for a second chance.
God Bless America and God Bless our Soldiers
They need it.

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