Sunday, June 29, 2008

Hello my Sad, Neglected, Little Blog

A picture of Katie for you, I know, I know! lots of Katie not much of anyone else! I swear I am going to do better, I have a whole shoot idea just for Caleb, there is a little boy who needs his picture taken!

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Katie-Black and White



Update on a picture of Felicity, I posted a bad edit heres a couple if MUCH better ones:)



Thats right I am here to yawn and thats all.

Katie, but which one for the wall?

I took these this morning, I need a new picture of Katie for the wall. She is beautiful and very photogenic!


Isn't my caleb adorable! This is a rare shot as he usually has a very dirty face!

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Went to the Library

I took the three older girls to the library Saturday morning and told the girls they could each pick two books, Alice looks around for a few minutes and then says "mommy theres nothing here to read!"
We went to the park when we were done at the library, I took the above picture of Felicity.
The YW and YM hosted a "Don't forget the Lyrics" as a church activity last night, it went over very well. I thought it was lots of fun:D
Thats it for now, blah so boring.

Thursday, June 19, 2008

I'm Sooooo Behind!

So School is OUT! YEA! Katie finished 1st grade and Alice finished Kindergarten and I am so excited to have them home for the next ( eight/nine weeks).
I am going to be doing a summer homeschool with the three older girls, a sort of practice to see if I am ready to homeschool fulltime and also to help get Felicity ready for Kindergarten and because Katie and Alice really, really want too:)
So if you didn't notice, which I am sure you didn't so no hard feelings, my computer crashed, I waited around for a week in a dazed and miserable state for it to magically fix, then I finally realized it wouldn't fix itself, so I fixed it, everything is all wonky now and I am missing half of everything but hey I did the best I could and more importantly I have retained all my files:D

We had a pool party on Saturday ummm June 14, I think it went over well, I do know the kids stayed in the water pretty much all day, Joff was the guy in charge as I came down with some wierd bug and ended up feeling pretty miserable. I kind of bombed out on Fathers day too, but I did get up early and make him breakfast and I had the kids take it in to him, so it was sort of OK.
Searching my brain for anymore info and I can't think of anything, oh has anyone checked out I love this site, I'll go link to it.

Flower W/ Sunburst

See? How do you like my logo? Perhaps this picture won't do for my header as I am going to be doing Family, Pet, Senior, Maternity, Engagement ect. Everything but flowers:) Oh I won't do weddings either, It is wayyyyyyy to stressful, I haven't actually done one but I have talked to enough photographers that have, and I have been scared off.

New Blog

I am working on a blog for my Photography Portfolio, I am going to be offering free sessions until September 1st, thats the goal anyway. So as soon as I'm done adding all the important info I'll link to it and you can call me and we can setup a session!
Here's the picture I have chosen for my blog header and I have finally decided on a logo (thanks to Joff who got sick of my inability to decide anything and sat down and helped me out!)

Guess what! I just found me some BLOGS

Ok like the idiot that I sometimes am, I didn't ever bother to see if anyone else was blogging, I always just went to the family website for photos and stuff, well except for Jarom's I check that out every week to see what he is up to, but now that I know that some other family members are blogging I will have to link to them, YEA!

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Yep I changed my blog again

So what I really really wanted was a three column blog, found one that was OK but then I stumbled across this AWSOME template and gave up my third column:) I have to go re-do all my little sidebar stuff I had, but thats ok. I can do that:)
Grandma Sharyns box came today, all kinds of cool pool stuff inside and more STICKERS:D
Joff got the truck stuck in the field today trying to pull out a cornchopper, poor Joff and his dad spent hours getting it out, in the end we had the three trucks hooked up and in four wheel drive and it came out, Evs said it was a suburban train. The cornchopper is really cool, it has been sitting there for probably forty years.
We are going to see Chelle's play on Friday, She is doing "The Rainmaker" which I have heard of but unlike everyone else I haven't seen the movie. I am hoping to take pictures.
Can't think of anything else.

Monday, June 9, 2008

I have the sweetest boy ever!

Sometimes going in to bed reveals the most wonderful things, I went into my bedroom and there on my pillow tucked in to the blanket was Evs fravorite toy, his stuffed lion, there was also a notecard with one of his drawings, it was ever so sweet. I love my little boy:)
P.S Evs came in this morning and asked if lion slept well last night, lol.

Sunday, June 8, 2008

Ohhh one more thing, just one more!

okay we got a new pool,not a kiddie pool this time, we got a round 12x3, it awsome and the kids love it,but okay this is what I wanted to say, Caleb LOVES it, he was sitting in his little float thing just relaxing it was sooo cute, he didn't want to get out,Ella on the other hand hates it, won't go anywere near it, which is fine by me, she can just play with me or do something else when the other kids are in it, much safer anyway:)

Adding Links

This is something I have talked about doing before, my sidebar is just too crowded, anyhow, I have included a (few, very few) of my fravorite websites, with the expection of which I have not had time to properly review yet, although it looks good, so I added it anyway. I'll add more later its 12:30 at night and I need to get to bed.

Be Happy! We need more hopeful and happy People!

(sigh) I am determined to stay on course and try to remain as hopeful and happy about life as possible, to enjoy my life without always fretting about the "scary" future, but it is ever so hard when everyone else is dooming and glooming and fretting. In my ever so amazing revelation that one needs not be constantly worried about the future, I also realized that really what does sitting around talking about how horrible it will be if X candidate is elected president? Truly the most one can do remain aware of the issues and most importantly what one can do on a local level, why waste my time moaning about the "Great and Terrible" future, when I could very well be preparing for it? And yet I do it like everyone else I know, one can't help a rant now and then, with the idiots we have running this country and my wonderful state I can't help it, just so I don't get carried away, just as long as I do not let myself run away with my ranting, just as long as I keep my spirit happy and hopeful.
BUT I DO hate the news, oh how I do, its ever so much worse then having a doom and gloom conversation with family and friends, you sit and have your soul sucked right out of you, your eyes glaze over and you instinctively reach for the anti-depressant pills, I do NOT understand this. Don't get me wrong I love information, I am a great lover of the Internet, I am in control of what I read, what information I allow myself, sometimes, I see a headline and the headline is enough to tell me that's all I really need to know, I love the Internet because I can get both sides of a story, better yet I can find the happy news, the good stuff that amazingly is still happening in this world. People nowadays focus way to much on the negative news, they watch it on TV then sit around for hours discussing it. I so just want everyone to be happy and get along and focus on the good of one another instead of the bad. I am going to read something happy (I am sorry if you are reading this and do not find it happy:) Lets see if I can't find something, be right back!

Hey I've got it! quick search (very quick) try they claim "Real News. Compelling stories. Always Positive". Oh I love there horoscope for today (June 8)
"Good news! The stars do not control your destiny, you do!"

I definitely feel better after writing this, I was feeling a bit blue, because every time I go some were people are discussing the unhappiness of it all and I really so want everyone to be happy.

Be Happy, be Hopeful!

P.S I love Spellchecker:P

Felicity Graduated from Grandma School!

Felicity Graduated from Grandma school with Ivan on Wensday (June 4) She got a Diploma, we played some games and made some gingerbread cookies and even had a scavenger hunt, which the kids LOVED, Grandma made Ivan and Felicity each a pair of shorts, that had Hippos and Alligators on them , they are so very cute. I think Felicity is pretty proud of herself and I Know she loved Grandma School, its kind of sad it all over with. Cindi took some pictures I will get those and post them later.

Friday, June 6, 2008

I hate the news!

CBS, Fox, PBS, CNN. It doesn't matter, I hate them all, they NEVER tell you the whole story, heck your lucky if you get anything that is even true. I read the headlines if it seems like something I think I need to know about, I'll look it up and find out whats really going on.
Rant Over.

I scanned these Crooked, oops

Hay Hay! Joff and I are married 8 years:)

Ya I know, been a while!

First I revamped my blog, Minor changes, I went PINK! And I made a new header, I am NOT an artist and that cow was a challenge, the fence was fun, the cow just took too long, I have been looking for a place to use that font as I love it so and haven't been able to use it anywhere else. Ok boring stuff over with!

So our anniversary was the 2nd of June, it been eight years, weird but it doesn't feel at all that long, or maybe eight years just isn't long at all?

We ended up going south (Old Orchard Beach) we went to Funtown/Splashtown, Splashtown wasn't open yet, fine with me, we practically had the rest of the park to ourselves, it was awesome, most of the rides we went on we were the only people on it! I rode Excalibur a wooden roller coaster, lots of fun if a tad short, we ended up just riding it over and over without getting off, that was a great thing about no lines! Joff did get sick, because he went on a spinning ride with me and he doesn't like spinning rides, poor Joff. We rode almost every ride in the park and it was lot of fun. The park closed at three and so we headed over to the beach, which was also almost empty, the tide was out and it was sooooo beautiful there was this fantastic reflection on the sand, we found some sand dollars and got our feet wet, it was COLD!!! We got a couple of new games and went to this Buffet (Dunsten School Restraunt) very good food and a great price, different to anything I had been to before, there were no menus, you just walked in , were seated and then you went and filled your plates, if you wanted you could ask your waitress (waitperson:)lol) for a lobster for only seven bucks more! Joff of course got the lobster it was so sad, I feel for the lobsters, I couldn't watch him eat the poor thing:( We were going to watch a movie but decided we were to tired and we'd probably fall asleep, so we just came home. It was loads of fun, it was so nice to be able to spend time with Joff, talk to him without being interrupted a million times, I even got to walk beside him! LOL there are usually so many babies and bags to be carried. Lets see oh yes, I took a disposable camera, lets see if I can't post a few pictures.