Friday, August 31, 2007


School started yesterday fpr Katie and Alice, Alice took to it Alot better then I thought, she loves it and was very excited to get up and go again this morning, I don't know wether to be happy or sad about this. Katie likes it too but has resumed her silence from last year, when asked how it was she shrugs and says "I forgot" or "okay".

Today I was asking them how it was and Alice was very excited to say that her and Katie have a new friend named Jenna, and that they played a game were everyone guessed what animal they were, of course Alice was a pig:)

Felicity does seem to be taking it hard, she is a little bit fussier then usual, Evs doesn't care and Elenore doesn't notice:)

Felicity got into trouble this morning and Joff said "you are coming with me" She started crying "I don't want to go sell tomatoes!" lol he was just making her go to bed.

Tuesday, August 14, 2007


My Birthday

I better get around to my B-day, it was a really great day and my family deserves written credit.
It started out with me going off to do some shopping in the morning, while Joff and the kids decorated and wrapped my presents, I found some really great stuff, mostly went to yard sales:)
When I got back we had cake, I had picked out a Reeses Peanut Buttercup icecream cake, mmmmmm, very good.
Then Presents, Evs was a light I can use to read with, or I can snap it on my camera for night work, very useful, except he thought it was his, so I told him we can share it.
Felicity got me one of those Jelly bean pooping cows, she thought this was a totally awsome present and everybody had to try it out, lol.
Alice got me some very nice smelling candles for my cow candle holders.
Katie got me a cow statue figurine (what is the proper name of these things?) it is made out of wood anyway, it is very graceful and lovely cow.
Joff got me Yatzee and Skip-bo and Zoolereto and an Uncle Johns Bathroom Reader (which I also collect) and the complete chronicles of Narnia.
Lets see oh yes, the A's took us to Pizza Hut for dinner ( I love pizza, and really who doesn't) the H's got me the Harry Potter books, which should have been here today but weren't:(
It was a really nice birthday, one of the good ones.

Saturday, August 11, 2007

A quick note

Everett has two toy alligators, he informed us this morning that there names were "Bulldozer and Backhoe". He has the heavey equipment bug bad.

Today is my Birthday.
Happy Birthday to me.

Thursday, August 9, 2007

The Tooth Fairy

Alice lost her first tooth, she was very excited and this morning was even more excited to find four quarters under her pillow. (Apparently 50 cents is no longer good enough, the tooth fairy is having a good year and I am left to understand "what in the heck does 50 cents buy anymore anyway?")
Katie and Felicity were crying about how they didn't have any money and so Alice came into our room and we asked her what was going on she replied "they are like Cinderella and I'm not" we laughed and said "What?" she said "they have to work for there money".
A little later Felicity was still crying about the fact that she is broke and Alice explained it this way "Felicity when you turn four and then five you can lose a tooth and get some money too" of course this only made Felicity cry harder.
Elly can clap her hands (did I already mention this in an earlier post?)

Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Heaven and Alice's bday

Today Joff was walking Felicity home from grandmas house, they passed by our bonfire and Felicity said that next time she is going to camp in the road, Joff told her she couldn't do that shemight get run over and die, she said "thats okay daddy, I would go to heaven" Joff told her he didn't want her to go to heaven until he could go with because he would miss her too much, she said "then you can sleep in the road with me"
Definitly she needs help
Alice said she didn't want to go to Heaven because she is afraid of heights!
I sincerely hope they neither one of them worry too much about it.
Elly can free stand now, she even tried to take a step yesterday, but didn't quite make it.
To backtrack a bit, Alice's and Joff's B-day went off really really well, The Goblin Hunt for the treasure chest that Gruesome left Alice was very succesful. Here's a copy of the card Gruesome left Alice:

The map: