Thursday, August 9, 2007

The Tooth Fairy

Alice lost her first tooth, she was very excited and this morning was even more excited to find four quarters under her pillow. (Apparently 50 cents is no longer good enough, the tooth fairy is having a good year and I am left to understand "what in the heck does 50 cents buy anymore anyway?")
Katie and Felicity were crying about how they didn't have any money and so Alice came into our room and we asked her what was going on she replied "they are like Cinderella and I'm not" we laughed and said "What?" she said "they have to work for there money".
A little later Felicity was still crying about the fact that she is broke and Alice explained it this way "Felicity when you turn four and then five you can lose a tooth and get some money too" of course this only made Felicity cry harder.
Elly can clap her hands (did I already mention this in an earlier post?)

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