Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Heaven and Alice's bday

Today Joff was walking Felicity home from grandmas house, they passed by our bonfire and Felicity said that next time she is going to camp in the road, Joff told her she couldn't do that shemight get run over and die, she said "thats okay daddy, I would go to heaven" Joff told her he didn't want her to go to heaven until he could go with because he would miss her too much, she said "then you can sleep in the road with me"
Definitly she needs help
Alice said she didn't want to go to Heaven because she is afraid of heights!
I sincerely hope they neither one of them worry too much about it.
Elly can free stand now, she even tried to take a step yesterday, but didn't quite make it.
To backtrack a bit, Alice's and Joff's B-day went off really really well, The Goblin Hunt for the treasure chest that Gruesome left Alice was very succesful. Here's a copy of the card Gruesome left Alice:

The map:

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