Friday, August 31, 2007


School started yesterday fpr Katie and Alice, Alice took to it Alot better then I thought, she loves it and was very excited to get up and go again this morning, I don't know wether to be happy or sad about this. Katie likes it too but has resumed her silence from last year, when asked how it was she shrugs and says "I forgot" or "okay".

Today I was asking them how it was and Alice was very excited to say that her and Katie have a new friend named Jenna, and that they played a game were everyone guessed what animal they were, of course Alice was a pig:)

Felicity does seem to be taking it hard, she is a little bit fussier then usual, Evs doesn't care and Elenore doesn't notice:)

Felicity got into trouble this morning and Joff said "you are coming with me" She started crying "I don't want to go sell tomatoes!" lol he was just making her go to bed.

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