Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Merry Christmas!

Thursday, December 20, 2007

The Great Day Of Confession

I Hate Math! But surprisingly I find when I HAVE to do it, I'm pretty good at it.

I'm getting ready to register for college, but I haven't done it yet, because I am a HUGE scaredy cat when it comes to doing something I've never done before.

I quit photography, alright I haven't quit, quit but I am so discouraged at my total lack of progress, so I am just going to take pictures of my kids and not try a mini session every time I get the camera out

I Hate taking snapshots, because of the "technical" flaws I find every time

I want to take more snapshots of my kids because they are only kids for a little while and I want the memories.

I have serious covet issues right now in regards to the D300, 70-200 VR 85mm 24-70mm 14-24mm (all Nikon glass of course:)

when it comes to camera equipment I am kind of a junkie, the list above is but a very very short version of my master list:)

I have been "talking" about cleaning up my inbox for two weeks, but I haven't

There are moments when I want to just delete everything because that would be Wayyy easier then going thru it

I just made some seriously chocolate chocolate chocolate cookies with the kids and had so much fun we ended up making chocolate milkshakes to eat them with and I don't believe I mentioned the fact that both the milkshake and the cookies were very very very chocolaty

I am super duper excited for Christmas, but I wish I had the whole week instead of a million appointments the day after, that's so not right!

I really do like most everyone, but there are a couple people I just cannot stand

My celebrity Idols are all photographers:)

I spend way to much time on the computer because my kids don't want me to play with them, they are perfectly happy just ordering snacks or coming over for a quick snuggle (Everett) before running off to play again

I read out loud to the kids and I enjoy it, I can't wait to read the Chronicles of Narnia with them

I hate reading out loud

I keep promising to post pictures to my picture blog and I never do

I need a shower, but my pipes are frozen.

I hate missing my daily shower.

I love my baby Caleb who I just found out is 14 pounds and he only 2 1/2 months!, the Dr. says he has the muscliest legs on a baby his age he has ever seen!

I love my baby Ella, when she got her shots today, she screamed so loud people in the NEXT building could hear her! Poor Baby.

I love my Everett who is so sensitive and sweet forever wanting to help out.

I love my Felicity who has a hippity hop and I think my have forgotten to walk as she hops everywere:)

I love my Alice who loves school and is growing up way faster then should be allowed.

I love my Katie who has become a little mommy always helping out with the babies and who always brings home books from the library on horses, never anything else

I love Maine even when its only 21 degrees outside:_

I love Joff who takes the babies to get there shots because I can't and who has just built me a coat closet and now I have to look at it, Yea!

Sunday, December 16, 2007

My kids

A couple of Pictures

Happy Thanksgiving!

See I have been trying to get on here since Thanksgiving and I just wanted to wish you all a Happy Thanksgiving before New Years.
I have been way to busy, I just noticed my little "your baby will be born" prediction thingy is still posted at the bottom of my blog, I'll have to take that down, lol they got it wrong anyway!
Thanksgiving was nice and yummy.
Nana turns 70 tomorrow, Happy Birthday Nana!
Shudder and sigh, I am writing in my blog to avoid my email, I have several hundred messages, I have been so busy I haven't had time to check and its really been piling up, wish me luck maybe I will get one of those messages from the guy in Africa who wants to pay me to help him transfer his billions out of Africa and away from a murdous political party!
The mouse is gone and I kind of miss him, more so because he was replaced by a giant rat. Stripes and Woofy are out to get him, hopefully it won't take long, that thing is gross and everytime I go to do laundry I am terrified he will bite my toes! He is hiding in the laundry room.

How about something cute and fluffy? I gave the kids each one of those Little Debbie christmas Tree snacks and when I came back from throwing the box out, Ellie was sitting next to Caleb and trying to share her treat with him, luckily she missed his mouth and it ended up she was smooshing it up his nose instead, lol! He's fine just you know, he didn't even cry at all.
Joff has a wierd sense of humor (as most people know) and the girls at night won't go to the restroom without me or Joff or one another, so Joff walked back with Alice today and was waiting outside I don't know maybe she forgot he was there or something because he jumped out from behind the door when she was coming out and said "BOO!" and she yelled and then seeing it was just daddy said "hehe daddy, you are one scary guy!"
OK off to tackle that email
Merry Christmas!