Friday, July 20, 2007


Katie's cat Hearts was ran over yesterday, she was such a sweet cat, I had a bit of a break down over it, I really loved that little cat, Alice saw me crying about Hearts and came over and gave me a hug and told me hearts was okay and that her and Trippy (Alice's duck) were in heaven together.
Joff buried her next to Trippy and the girls helped pick out a rock for her headstone, then they put her name and the date on it.
The girls have a much better perspective on this then I do, Katie told me that she was sad and happy because although she doesn't get to play with Hearts anymore, Hearts is safe and Heavenly Father will take care of her.

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Grandma Parvi has passed away.

Still July

Today has felt like two days, I woke up feeling crummy, didn't take a shower till noon, then felt much, much better.
Joff has got the washing machine all fixed up.
Everyone is headed west tomorrow for the reunion, we aren't going, we need to stay and sell Joff's tomatoes, also no dough, no go.
Alice and Joff's B-days are next week and I am very excited, except Joff's big present might not get here in time, but we will have a good time and just tell him its on the way, if it doesn't get here.
Can you tell I have no news? I am rambling on about nothing!

Sunday, July 15, 2007


Babies are so gullible, today in an attempt to entertain Elly, who was fussing and crying, I put her pacifier in my mouth, backwards and grabbed a clean sock and put it on my head, she was shocked, actually stopped crying mid scream, she had no clue, poor baby. She has teeth coming in on the bottom, sharp little teeth, I have been wondering who has not been putting the knife sharpener away.......

She can crawl, sort of, but mostly she like to walk along side of things, if you lay her on her back she thinks the world has up and ended, unless you give her a bottle, then she is like well, OK, then its not so bad, are you sure I can't drink this standing up though?

Evs has gone mad over motorized vehicles, we are getting new ditches on our road, we are also getting free fill, so several times a day the dump truck drives in with another load and every time Everett nearly faints with joy, now they are parking there backhoe in our field and Evs can't sleep for the wonder of it, LOL. We were at a garage sale, next to some railroad tracks and train went by while we were there, it was all we could do to keep Evs from going utterly mad. He is hilarious, if he is inside and a plane goes over, he starts screaming, Plane, Plane! and runs outside, trying to drag us all along to see, its like he got this mad obsession overnight and now we are stuck with it.

Some of my favorite red dwarf quotes:

Lister: The red, green and blue alert signs are all flashing. What the smeg does that mean?
Kryten: Well either we're under attack sir, or we're having a disco.

"You can't frighten me, I'm a coward. I'm scared all the time." -- Rimmer, Horsemen of the Apocalypse

"What do we do, whisper 'charge', tippytoe up to them all screaming 'shhh' and chloroform them with Lister's armpits? -- Rimmer

"Purple alert!"
"What's a purple alert?"
"Well it's sort of worse than a blue alert but not quite as bad as a red alert. Could be a mauve alert..." -- Holly and Lister

So let me get this straight. You want to fly on a magic carpet to see the King of the Potato People and plead with him for your freedom, and you're telling me you're completely sane?

"Look at what he's given me for dinner: a pea on toast. One pea. I tell you, I'm that far from cracking. [goes to squish the pea; it snaps away] I've lost my pea! Oh, that's it! I've cracked."


Sunday, July 8, 2007

Well, I have some catching up to do.
Our 4th of July went off well, we went to our 4th breakfast at the church, which Joff was in charge of, it was, I think, successful. Next we went to Winslow for there parade which last year was really quite good, but this year fell short, due in part I think to there being a couple of really long stops in the parade because of some sort of problem, we spent the rest of the day in the Park.
The kids spent most of the day riding on this slide here:

Waiting in line:

They rode the ponies:

They had a good time, no pics of the fire works because Elenore was afraid of them but Everett LOVED the fireworks, He kept saying BOOM, BOOM. I wonder if I should be worried about a future pyrotechnic.

Here's Elenore:

All of the kids:

I think the kids all had a lot of fun and had a great day, although on our way out of the park Katie tore her leg on a post and had to go to the ER and have stitches, it didn't hurt to much though and she barely notices it.
Thursday, Katie and Alice went to Sharyn M.'s house for Tuckers bday party, it was military themed and I hear they had a blast, We got a trampoline from Sharyn M. also ( She has since moved to Texas) which all the kids really, really love ( they are out playing on it now:)
Friday, we had eggs for breakfast, Alice got out the ketchup and when she saw Joff watching her, she said "I know its sooo embarrassing I have to have ketchup, but I have to have it." LOL
Saturday, Alice's B-day package arrived from Sharyn and Gary H. The all got stickers which they love as I don't buy them, and now Disney princess's adorn my front door and Winnie the Pooh greets me ever time I use the restroom (nuff said), the girls also got bracelets, I put Elly's on a linkie doo she she can shake them all about, Evs got a hat, which is good for his bald head, they also got two dollars apiece, which of course HAD to be spent the minute the got it, lol, they ended up buying coloring books and crayons, Evs got cars.
Sunday the 8th (today) We went on a walk down the road and found a ton of flowers, the girls had a lot of fun collecting them and now we have vases full of flowers, Everett collected rocks, LOL again.
Elenore has two teeth coming in on the bottom, she is quite proud of them. I was just on the phone with Sharyn H. who found a body! Luckily the body was still breathing and they got 911 to come and help.
I think its been a good week:)