Tuesday, February 10, 2009

I moved!

Not far:)
Just right over here at www.mamacowx6.wordpress.com

This lovely little blogger blog will stay put for now, I just won't be adding any new posts:)
Get your passport stamped and come have a visit, we'll chat over Dove chocolate and Chamomile tea. It'll be fun:)

Thursday, February 5, 2009


Sick today, except for when everyone left, then I put on an American in Paris and got my tapshoes on and scared the freaking daylights out of the cats.

I lie, the cats were cool with it but shuffle-shuffle-tap doesn't sound so very awesome on carpet.

So now that my path to the scary hot place is firmly established by my web of deep and never ending lies how is your day going?

I am sick, so I think is Caleb or maybe the Thera-flu hasn't kicked in yet, don't know, I do know that there is enough dry ramen noodle around to comfortably feed that nice mouse family who moved in last week, I saw the kittens helping unpack so I know it will be useless sending the eviction notice thru them, anyway were was I? Oh yes my house, its dirty, I am sick, but even in my grave affliction I bring you Glad Tiding Of Great Joy via the book Horseradish I don't want to spoil it for you but here is one of my favorite bitter truths:)

Ahem, Lemony Snicket ladies and gentlemen a quote from his book Horseradish,

Siblings who claim to get along all the time are most definitely hiding something

Pure Genius people:)

Going to drink some more Theraflu and buff my tapshoes.


Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Sunshine and Daisies, oh ya and whining kids

You hear alot about what kids pick up from public school (besides the flu and lice) well I confess to being surprised and annoyed to find out the thing at our elementary school is baby talk, I know it comes from school for a couple of reasons:

1. My kids know better then to talk like a baby, it makes me want to harm cute cuddly things. Even my babies talk better then babies:)
2. I went to the school the other day and a couple of girls came up to me Mrs. Atwater can Awice come pway , pwease, pwetty pwease! Typing cannot do justice to the way these girls talked, and it is not just 1st grade its Kindergarten and 2nd too! Those poor teachers.....

So when I was folding laundry the other and two of my darling daughter came up to me with full out pouty lips I warned them and warned them well, listen children If One Baby Word Comes Out Of Your Pretty Little Lips You Will REGRET IT TILL THE DAY YOU DIE!
Happily the lips went back to normal and we had a nice little talk on talking like babies.
I don't think this is the end of it but at least we have had the talk so now when bad things happen they can't say they haven't been warned:)
My kids receive punishments by having dearly beloved things taken away for a little while, the length depending on the crime, so stop being worried I take them out to the woodshed for a nice long spanking session, which from personal experience teaches nothing but fear, not right and wrong:)

Monday, February 2, 2009

Inner Rage

Staring at the wall today, calm, still and silent. At least that is what it looked like.
Inside my soul I was having an all-out tantrum, ranting, raving and cursing life, it really doesn't matter what it was all about, the point is that we all have are pretty little I am so blessed and happy and my oh my maybe even lucky days, then every now and then the paranoia sets in and we know, we know, that life is out to get us, sunshine and daisies are the illusion to keeping us docile and compliant.
Me? Right now I feel better, I think I would even better if I could throw something or better yet break something but whatever maybe that will come later, we will see:)

Sunday, February 1, 2009

A tad obsessed maybe?

So Elli is two and she still has a bottle ( I know, I know I swore to never let my kids have a bottle past one, I am a miserable failure, blah, blah, blah.)

There are a few signs she is a bit obsessive about her bottle, it wasn't until yesterday I realized just how far she has gone. Here is what happened;

Elli's aunt Cindi made her a small crocheted blanket for her doll, all is well until she ditches the doll after a couple of days and adopted a pink elephant, the elephant is loving the matching new blanket until yesterday when I find the poor elephant abandoned and crying underneath the dining table, apparently he was blanket-less and cold and headed straight for the island of lost toys, I went in search of the blanket and neglectful momma, I found her snuggled up to her bottle on the couch the little crocheted blanket wrapped lovingly around it, she looked up at me smiling, bottles blanky she said and then she literally shhh'd me.

Is therapy the next step? My plans for going all cold turkey on her seem somehow cruel and destined to cause severe mental trauma at this point, I already tried a phasing out and that didn't work out to well, this is a girl who is dedicated and loyal.
I'll take either suggestions or crochet patterns. Or both:)

Wednesday, January 28, 2009


Now this might be hard to believe, but bare with me, stretch your imagination and have a little faith.
Are you ready?
It is snowing here, loads and buckets of the white stuff, rumor is this is happening all around the country. I can tell you now that I am quite shocked at this rare and strange occurrence and you can bet I will be praying for sun melting rays tomorrow.
God bless and keep warm in this a time of winter:p

This post is not meant to be read by anyone who reads the New York Times, as after all I would not want you to actually believe me:)


P.S Snow-cream and Hot Cocoa to be served in the library shortly, expect to see you all there;)

Monday, January 26, 2009

To sit and Think

You know those movies, set in olden, rusty times when people sat very still and just thought? Well that is because they didn't have the Internet, I know because I don't have the Internet and every now and again I sit and just think. I think mostly philosophical thoughts, I wonder alot and I want to know just about everything, sometimes this is not good, this can be very bad actually. I realize after I figure out whatever I was dying to know that I was better off not knowing it.
I like to do math, now I know, I know I have vowed a pure and devout hatred for math, but that applies to certain kinds of math, specifically the math I don't know and people want me to learn. But math can be comforting, it is logical and there is always an answer and you know how I love answers:)

I am bored easily and this being a really cold, cold winter and us living for the most part in our living room without the Internet or TV, well I write alot, read some and mostly just think, I have been practicing meditating (anything to stave off the boredom!) and I am getting quite good, especially as I am trying to meditate in a room with toddlers practicing for bit parts in cheap horror flicks.

So lets see what else is new....hmm...
Oh I have it!

Felicity got married! to a kid named Jarrett, the ceremony was held on the playground at school on Friday.
Joff is not happy.

It is cold here, -18 degrees last night. I dreamt of summer. I usually dream of winter come summer so its all good.

A wish for joy and happiness to you, especially on your darkest days:)

Friday, January 23, 2009

Think Happy Thoughts

So I have been hanging out at the Atwaters today being anti-social and trying to catch up on Internet life, which I know isn't spectacular but hey its a life:)
I have been attaching stuff to the blog that used to be here before the whole I need a new layout so I can feel fulfilled happened, I had alot of junk on here, I love my junk:P

I have been on the Internet for a long time now, I feel guilty and happy and guilty I need to get off, I can't though! There is so much more to read, research and download, its not all play you know:)

I am hoping to be online again by March and then I can go back to moderation, for now I have to take my Internet in binges and hasty gulps (its dinnertime, food talk is bound to happen).

gotta go.

Katherine Atwater

This is my baby:)

She turned 8 last week:)

She was baptized on the 17th:)

I am so very proud of my darling little kittycat:

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

"Waves Hi"

Here I am dashing out the door, but I had to come by and say hullo to my dear old blog, I have been cheating on you dear thing, I have been writing on paper, with a pen. A red pen and a orange pen and sometimes a purple pen.
I love to write.
Writing, driving and running water (hopefully in the form of a hot shower) are my favorite ways to relax.

Caleb got his hair buzzed today, he is always stuffing food into the nest that was and I was always trying to wash it out. And being a able to look down at my darling son and finding tucked amongst his blond curls the cookie I set down yesterday was a bit more then I could take. He looks like Charlie Brown, Elli says his head is "naked". Everett says he hates it and I better not cut his. Elli says Ev's shouldn't talk to "her boy" like that. Alice says it is cute and funny, Felicity says "whatever", Katie- "no comment" and Joff is heartbroken.
Me? I am supremely Happy:)

It was so very warm yesterday, a balmy 25-30 degree's, that I didn't were my coat all day because I was warm. Sad huh? I love it though. I went walking through the woods yesterday, winter has a certain absolute silence to it that is so very peaceful. I could hear the crunch of the snow, dripping ice and the occasional bird chirping away, as happy as I that she could spread her wings and bask in the sun which we both have been missing ever so much:)