Thursday, February 5, 2009


Sick today, except for when everyone left, then I put on an American in Paris and got my tapshoes on and scared the freaking daylights out of the cats.

I lie, the cats were cool with it but shuffle-shuffle-tap doesn't sound so very awesome on carpet.

So now that my path to the scary hot place is firmly established by my web of deep and never ending lies how is your day going?

I am sick, so I think is Caleb or maybe the Thera-flu hasn't kicked in yet, don't know, I do know that there is enough dry ramen noodle around to comfortably feed that nice mouse family who moved in last week, I saw the kittens helping unpack so I know it will be useless sending the eviction notice thru them, anyway were was I? Oh yes my house, its dirty, I am sick, but even in my grave affliction I bring you Glad Tiding Of Great Joy via the book Horseradish I don't want to spoil it for you but here is one of my favorite bitter truths:)

Ahem, Lemony Snicket ladies and gentlemen a quote from his book Horseradish,

Siblings who claim to get along all the time are most definitely hiding something

Pure Genius people:)

Going to drink some more Theraflu and buff my tapshoes.


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Josie said...

A fellow tap dancer.... aw!! I love it!!