Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Baby Bouncers

Elenore is now three months old, and she thinks being laid down on the floor is torture in its purest form. So we trekked off to the local store to check out bouncers and other props for babies who cannot sit up by them-selves but demand to be sat up anyway. Elenore was with me sitting up in her car seat so she sucked on her pacifier while I browsed the some what limited selections, Every now and then I would hold some thing up and say how about this one? She would stop sucking to ponder the question, then after a few seconds resume sucking and close her eyes as if to say "we are tired, do not disturb us with these trivial nothings" OK then, So I stood in front of "Perfectly Pink with 6 Dangly toys and a 500 Hundred Song Data-base that Slides Left, Right, North and South and Canters" I guess that would cover everything, She will at least be able to sing "Twinkle Twinkle Little Star by Nirvana while riding a horse and traveling in the right direction when she's six, can you really pass up a deal like that? On the other hand (or actually to the left ) was a Rain forest Bouncer that was environmentally friendly, the box proclaimed it was once a bunch of dirty diapers and car tires and it will in 6 months disintegrate into earth friendly matter, as an added bonus it was pre-programmed to play a 24 hour live feed of NPR. Now come on I can't let my daughter grow up to not care about the earth right? It was a muted point anyway, we left without purchasing a thing, I heard there was another store with more then two options somewhere to the north and of course after those last two selections that's all I need, right?

I love to shop, I could spend all day looking at the ridiculous amount of STUFF they sell, that have ridiculous functions, really Elenore is happiest being held and cuddled, she loves to talk and be talked too, she does hate to lay on the floor but I would bet anything she has got the ceilings memorized by now, although I did try to convince her there was a new cobweb in the corner this morning, she wasn't buying it, she swore it was there last week, but I digress, I will continue to hold her until they come out with a bouncer that doesn't have more technology then my toothbrush. After all it only lasts so long.

Saturday, January 27, 2007

Its been a while, sadly my Internet is down.

I am doing laundry. I hate doing laundry (somewhere a nudist is laughing his bare arse off at me) I cut down, I do really, I bag up clothes for the thrift store, then proceed to find twice as many articles of clothing on sale, on the other hand I am convinced clothes breed ! Do you know how many times I have been sorting tee-shirts and find a couple I swear I have never seen before, I can almost hear the other tee-shirts saying to the mama tee-shirt, "ooh does he have your pocket or what!"
On the other hand socks are sterile, they are a dying breed, I believe they just put them on the extinction list, and yet they widow and widowers of these socks, never die, they lie around un-mated for eternity, un-mated and unused, a thorn in the clothing society.
Go ahead nudists of world, Laugh!

I was just informed that my first name has been officially changed, I always thought there were forms to fill out and such, but apparently not, my first name used to be Kristal. Kristal is now my middle name, my first name is Mama. Now I sort of always new this, but yesterday my children asked me what my name was I told them "Kristal Chantelle" my first and middle names, Felicity had the kindness to tell me " No your first name is Mama and your middle name is Kristal" I replied "what about Chantelle?" She (the 30 year old 3 year old) came back with "You can't have that one anymore".

The dryer just dinged, I have to go, I don't want to, but I think the dryer hates his job and I can sympathize.

Saturday, January 20, 2007

Today, My Rambling Thoughts

Trees in the Snow
(c) K.A.

I really thru that last post up! There are mistakes all over the place and it doesn't make sense half of the time.

Why do children love bodily functions? Age old question I know. Everett, not feeling well, began to throw up the other night, I hollered out to Joff to bring me a towel because Everett was throwing up (repeat ) All of a sudden down the hall I could hear "where? where? I want to see, what color is it, did it get all over you!" two little girls ( they wish to remain unnamed, wouldn't you?) stood in front of the bed, of course as soon as they came in they said "ewwww" and "gross" and "that's yucky" well ya know what I could have told them that!

Have you ever been to a cafeteria full of children were the child who can "rip" the loudest is king for the day? Or maybe in the park, have you been to the park when a gang of children go running past, clothes flying off faster then light, frantic parents chasing after? Child Streak Day.

What about the kid who brought his throw up to show in tell in a bag? That one went down in the history of 1st Grade, I do wonder how he got it past his mom though.............

Enough of that, I am about to gag. Wouldn't the kids love that?

Today was cold, I thought you should know in case you missed the weather report. As we speak the wind is howling to come in and I am stuffing the cracks in the floorboards and drinking tea to stay warm. Joff and the kids are asleep, I have the TV on for background noise, some criminal show, To quote

"Cops then new they were on the right trail"

"Someone had indeed use his car in 1981"

Very predictable and boring, but it is better then hearing the dog snuffle and snore, or worse lick himself.

Friday, January 19, 2007

The Death of Mr. Smith

I wish I could write a book, If I could I would write a mystery, I have it all planned out.
It would be about this woman Mrs. Tam say, anyway it would focus around her life and her reading this mystery book, the mystery would be read out along with her life, it would end and this is my fravorite part with her reading the last chapter of the mystery book (the book to be called the "The death of Mr. Smith) She and the readers of my book are just about to find out who did it. Here is the last paragraph of the book I will never write.

Mrs. Tam settled into her chair, It was late and she had better go to bed, but she really wanted to know who killed Mr. smith, she was betting on either Vera the limo driver or Tony the Cafe owner, really it had to be one of the two didn't it? She sat her iced tea onto the table next to her, put a pillow behind her, when all of a sudden she felt a pressure in her chest, confused she looked up to see her best friend looking at her with a gun shaking in her hands, she opened her mouth, but couldn't speak, she looked down at her book and realized as her blood and life drained away, she would never know who killed Mr. smith.

OK I think its a good idea, because you see you the reader would never know who killed Mr. Smith either!
LOL anyway.

Tuesday, January 16, 2007

My Blog, Music, Books and TV

OK a friend called up the other day and said "you know most blogs I have read are about something, what is yours about?"
Well to put it simply
I have thought about this, what after all do I know, a little bit of this and a little bit of that, but of myself I like to think I know lots, so this about is about me and the little bits I know of.
For example:
I love Berlin, Heart and IL Divo, I also, love that chanting monk stuff, classical violin and country, there are some worthy pieces of rap and of course rock in almost every form, Joff thinks my my broadminded love of music is a little too broadminded, perhaps, but that is how I am with most subjects. I have read and love just about every subject I can get my hands on, fiction and non-fiction, there are some I have read, shrugged my shoulders and moved on. Romance novels are the most predictable genre out there, I have a romance novel I have read once and once only, I keep it because it was a little bit different then the rest, it went through the usual junk, does he love me, does she love, dancing around kind of silliness, but the last two pages, were worth it, in two pages the author had the Hero rescue the Damsel and then the Damsel had her turn and rescued the Hero and then the Hero not to be out done rescued the Damsel and then the Horse rescued them both in a grand final, it was all over the place, It was perhaps the most interesting two pages I have ever read, it was not a comical romance, the author was trying to be serious ( I think) and perhaps that made it even funnier.
If I just had to narrow it down then I would say mysteries, which also makes me a CSI fan, and now that we are talking CSI I really have to ask, how realistic is CSI? Not very in my opinion
The CSI agents walks into the house picks up a hair that magically belongs to either the killer or someone related, are you trying to tell me that the murder victim never thru a party? Had a bunch of relatives or friends in from out of town? Or what about the park victims, so you found a cloth with blood in it in the park? It might have been anybodies, people bleed and don't always die from it you know, one of my personal favorites is the broken fingernail.................................... I could of course go on but I have to go burb a baby and give a discourse on Clifford the Dog.

Sunday, January 14, 2007

Global Warming

I don't believe in Global Warming, I correct myself, I believe in Global Warming but only as a natural occurrence that the world goes through every so many thousands of years, this nonsense that SUV's are behind the fact that we aren't having much of a winter this year, I just don't buy it, look for yourself, a few years ago, it was freezing the world was getting colder,they even came out with a propaganda movie about how the world would eventually freeze over "Day after tomorrow" I believe, I like that movie, but it was total propaganda, to get to my point, now the world is warming up, well at least in some places and all the ice caps are melting, so is global warming going to heat up the earth to a lovely boiling point, or plunge us into an ice age, even the experts can't decide. The fact is the world has been through this before.
When Leif Erickson sailed to America around 800 B.C the climate was dramatically warmer then it is now, Newfoundland was nearly subtropical in its weather pattern, 800 years later when the English settled North America, New England and the maritime area was colder then Europe of that same day, colder even then it is now. The process it is going through is a natural process, you can see now through historical records that 1200 years ago the area in which I live had a mild climate and then it went through a dramatic shift to a more frigid climate and now we are back on the warming cycle and though we are not as warm as it was 1200 years ago, give it a couple hundred years........
After all fossils found in the Gulf of Maine from many different eras demonstrate that this warming, cooling cycle is a permanent part of the natural history of the planet.
So I if you if you want to drive your SUV go ahead, feel no guilt after all Lief Erickson wasn't sailing a petroleum powered boat.
I wonder what the Liberals blamed global warming on then?

Saturday, January 13, 2007

Did you know.......

I have lived in Maine for a little over four years and never ever have I seen a moose! OK I sort of saw a moose once, but a little background first.
Joff and I always joke about how "you see a moose and you have good luck" we figure it must be this way because my luck is rotten and I haven't seen one, if I could only catch sight of a moose then I would have good luck right? Well back to seeing a moose once, sort of....
I saw a moose in fall 06, it was dead, tongue hanging out in the back of a pickup truck.
I am really worried about my luck now. My first sighting of a moose is a dead one? Can that do anything for my luck? Or is an omen of even worse luck to follow?
Well shortly after, Joff lost his job, car broke down and everything has been downhill since.
I am mounting a moose sight seeing trip, I figure if I can just catch sight of a live one.......
anyone want to come?

Of course a lot of people see moose. I figure there only five ways I will probably ever see one;

1. Dead in the back of a pick-up truck
2. Run into one
3.Moose head on someones wall
4. National Geographic channel (would that count?)
5. I could always go into the wilds of Maine and track one down, but of course my luck would call for it to charge me or something equally scary.

I have seen Black bears, they are so very cute and cuddly looking (from inside the car anyway).
I have spooked a few raccoons, terrified a porcupine and had staring contests with way to many coyotes (lost them all)

To crawl off on a little bit different track I would like to say I have a soft spot for lobsters, I am most determined to rescue one of those poor things out of the supermarket, I am going to build a special tank for it and bring it home, I have a name already picked out, Leroy. Leroy the lobster. I shudder to think of those poor things thrust into a pot of boiling water. I am not a vegetarian, but still really somethings are too much, a cow dies quietly enough, not too much trauma in the process, you sneak up behind him bonk him in just the right spot (this really should only be done by the pros or the cow will suffer) and he is off to happy grazing grounds, but a lobster grips the side side of the steaming pot screaming in lobstereeze about children and his wife and the seaweed growing outside his house, really, how much more cruel can it get.
I like animals.
I am not really fond of birds, of any kind, except the caged ones, maybe, I can't stand a poor little bird stuffed into a cage that's not big enough, really they need room to flitter about, so if you have a bird with a nice roomy cage, that's great, fine by me. But birds smell, I think that's my biggest problem with them, also they may look stupid but they aren't, I have geese and ducks, they practice military maneuvers at night, I have seen them.
For example;
We have a German Shepard, he is on a running leash, one of the ducks will distract him (the idiot dog falls for it) and the rest dive for his dog food bowl, they will take turns. We feed the ducks, I think they might just be trying to humiliate the dog on purpose.
From evasive moose to campaigning ducks......Now you know.

Friday, January 12, 2007

A couple of Jehovahs's Witness's just left my house.
Before I go any further let me state I like Jehovahs Wittness's (in future to be called JW) I have JW friends, I have no problem with any religion out there, well except for maybe muslims, and of course they want me dead so I might be justified in being slightly nervous about them, although the few I have met were harmless enough, oh lol that came out funny......... back to the JW's
They just left my house, I have to say it was brave of them to come say hi, I live on a dead end road, off a back road thats off a back road with a 350 ft dr. thats currently covered in ice, not to mention my small security guard of ducks and three special ops geese, I have a couple of cats that have been known to puncture tires and goats that eat fenders, oh and a German Shepard, like I told them, he's friendly, lol.
God Bless them.
Today is Katie's Birthday
Joff and I were up late last night trying to make sure everything was done, Joff didn't go to bed till 3:30!
Katie took some cupcakes to school (storebought) and Joff made each of the kids in her class a small toy, unicorns for the girls, dragons for the boys.
It is quiet right now everyone is gone but me and Els. She is waking up, probably getting hungry.
Everyone is coming over at 5:00 for the party. She got for her morning present, a new outfit, purple pants and a purple striped shirt. She has been so excited.
While I'm here;
This morning Joff had the dragons out drying on the table, Everett was sure one of them was for him, he was quite sad when we put them in a bag, he stared at it from across the table, pointing to it and not quite crying "mine?' "mine?" Joff said he will make him one when he gets back.
Sharyn H. was talking on the phone yesterday with Katie while I was out shopping, She asked Katie if she ( Katie ) had been in my room looking for presents, Katie said
"No! Well, ok yes, but there wasn't any in there"
LOL, gotta love it.

Thursday, January 11, 2007

This morning, Joff and I were sitting on the couch and talking when Alice woke up, she came down and crawled on Joff's lap, we said good morning to her, and then I askd her if she would like to go with daddy on a drive today or stay home with me, she replied
"I am going to hug daddy and kiss daddy and stay right here" (on his lap)
Another night, she came running out of her room after she was supposed to be asleep, I said "Alice go back to bed right now!" She fell on the floor crying " I just wanted a hug and kiss"
Alice is so very sweet, oh and Alice got a hug and kiss.
Jan 2007

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Have you ever done it? You are busy talking on the phone or cooking dinner, a child comes up to you, fravorite book in hand and says "Book" holding it up, an eager, hopeful look on his face, in a pre-occupied way, you brush him aside and say "not now, go away and play", you miss, I am sure you do, that crestfallen look on his face.
Have you ever rejected a child, in a time when you may not know it but they need you the most?
My children are very easy to please, they play quietly on there own and together, they watch TV and they watch me play on the computer, but there are times when they just need me, a little one on one time, to let them know they are important, special, needed and loved.
Really they are here for only so long, and I know its been said a million times over, but there it is, its true, they are only here for so long.
Why do we have to be so pre-occupied? Making sure the house is always clean, is the person we are talking on the phone too so vastly important? after all they have already grown up ( I presume) and they will be there later, won't they? Your children won't. That "just a minute" comes and goes and then its too late, you waited too many minutes, they are gone, you ring up your grown child on there telephone, and they are there but busy in there own lives, you forgot to teach them to stop and now its too late.
One of my all time fravorite poems:
She never puts her toys away;
Just leaves them scattered where they lay-
I try to scold her, and I say
"You make me mad!"
But when to bed she has to chase,
The toys she left about the place
Remind me of her shining face,
And make me glad.
When she grows up and gathers poise
I'll miss her harum-scarum noise,
And look in vain for her scattered toys-
And I'll be sad
Nick Kenny
I am feeding Els right now, but when I am done I think I will go read a book to my children.

Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Grrrrr, We got a letter from the school today saying they are switching from half-day kintergarten to full day:( Not at all happy. Katie is only five (ok she will be six on Friday) but still she doesn't need to be in school all day!
They are redoing the entire school system here, combining all the schools.
Mass education:0
Don't they know children learn better when there are only a few students per teacher? Right now Katie is in the morning class, four students, afternoon class has five students, on the 22nd of this month they will combine the two. To think on the brightside, nine is better then the forty or more they will have when they combine the schools in a couple of years, and thats just the kindergarten class! Darn just went back over to the bleak and miserable side.
Again trying to think happy they will be firing the 200 useless superintendants hanging around here.
Sliding back over.......
They will be trucking kids from miles around just to go to school, those poor kids think they spend half there life on a bus now!
Centralized Schooling.
Just Ducky.
My first try at the ice grunge, went a little crazy with it. Fire is next

Tuesday, January 9, 2007

I have a Nikon D50, 18-55 mm lens, tripod and assorted other acc. I LOVE my camera, I am not sure I would be coherant without it, if I could I'd take out a life insurance policy on it. Although and not to be fickle when more money floats my way, I would upgrade, but stick to the Nikon line, don't worry D50 you'll always make a good backup camera, a trusty bystander, a faithful friend ect.
My wish list is short (or long depending on how you look at it)


105 mm

12 mm

18-200 Vr Nikkor


I am not sure I want studio stuff, really I prefer candids most, Posed is very unnatural to me, I want to see the realism of the moment.
Although I also really really like to photoshop. Right now I cut everyone out and try and make some sort of of fantasy picture out of them:)
The bad thing? Everytime I think I am getting somewere with my photography, I see some post somewere with a picture involved, that is similar to mine and Better. Darn, back to trying again.
P.S. Oh ya I am working on a getting my Flikr account loaded with lots of pictures to share.
And because I don't think I'll make it back tonight; Everett Loves the Muppet Show, Every time Rolf come on he says "Me"! My kids are all animals, I think Evs has picked his.

I am trying to post pictures using bloggerbot and it is not working! Not happy at all.
I am going to have to go back and try again. Did you know that there is Still snow on the ground? Not much but hey its something.

Monday, January 8, 2007

It Snowed today, for an hour. We managed to build a snowman before it turned to rain, He is still out there, but now he's headless. Alice built a snow goblin. Everett ran around picking up snow and throwing it at Joff saying "gotcha".