Friday, January 12, 2007

Today is Katie's Birthday
Joff and I were up late last night trying to make sure everything was done, Joff didn't go to bed till 3:30!
Katie took some cupcakes to school (storebought) and Joff made each of the kids in her class a small toy, unicorns for the girls, dragons for the boys.
It is quiet right now everyone is gone but me and Els. She is waking up, probably getting hungry.
Everyone is coming over at 5:00 for the party. She got for her morning present, a new outfit, purple pants and a purple striped shirt. She has been so excited.
While I'm here;
This morning Joff had the dragons out drying on the table, Everett was sure one of them was for him, he was quite sad when we put them in a bag, he stared at it from across the table, pointing to it and not quite crying "mine?' "mine?" Joff said he will make him one when he gets back.
Sharyn H. was talking on the phone yesterday with Katie while I was out shopping, She asked Katie if she ( Katie ) had been in my room looking for presents, Katie said
"No! Well, ok yes, but there wasn't any in there"
LOL, gotta love it.

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