Tuesday, January 16, 2007

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OK a friend called up the other day and said "you know most blogs I have read are about something, what is yours about?"
Well to put it simply
I have thought about this, what after all do I know, a little bit of this and a little bit of that, but of myself I like to think I know lots, so this about is about me and the little bits I know of.
For example:
I love Berlin, Heart and IL Divo, I also, love that chanting monk stuff, classical violin and country, there are some worthy pieces of rap and of course rock in almost every form, Joff thinks my my broadminded love of music is a little too broadminded, perhaps, but that is how I am with most subjects. I have read and love just about every subject I can get my hands on, fiction and non-fiction, there are some I have read, shrugged my shoulders and moved on. Romance novels are the most predictable genre out there, I have a romance novel I have read once and once only, I keep it because it was a little bit different then the rest, it went through the usual junk, does he love me, does she love, dancing around kind of silliness, but the last two pages, were worth it, in two pages the author had the Hero rescue the Damsel and then the Damsel had her turn and rescued the Hero and then the Hero not to be out done rescued the Damsel and then the Horse rescued them both in a grand final, it was all over the place, It was perhaps the most interesting two pages I have ever read, it was not a comical romance, the author was trying to be serious ( I think) and perhaps that made it even funnier.
If I just had to narrow it down then I would say mysteries, which also makes me a CSI fan, and now that we are talking CSI I really have to ask, how realistic is CSI? Not very in my opinion
The CSI agents walks into the house picks up a hair that magically belongs to either the killer or someone related, are you trying to tell me that the murder victim never thru a party? Had a bunch of relatives or friends in from out of town? Or what about the park victims, so you found a cloth with blood in it in the park? It might have been anybodies, people bleed and don't always die from it you know, one of my personal favorites is the broken fingernail.................................... I could of course go on but I have to go burb a baby and give a discourse on Clifford the Dog.

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