Saturday, January 13, 2007

Did you know.......

I have lived in Maine for a little over four years and never ever have I seen a moose! OK I sort of saw a moose once, but a little background first.
Joff and I always joke about how "you see a moose and you have good luck" we figure it must be this way because my luck is rotten and I haven't seen one, if I could only catch sight of a moose then I would have good luck right? Well back to seeing a moose once, sort of....
I saw a moose in fall 06, it was dead, tongue hanging out in the back of a pickup truck.
I am really worried about my luck now. My first sighting of a moose is a dead one? Can that do anything for my luck? Or is an omen of even worse luck to follow?
Well shortly after, Joff lost his job, car broke down and everything has been downhill since.
I am mounting a moose sight seeing trip, I figure if I can just catch sight of a live one.......
anyone want to come?

Of course a lot of people see moose. I figure there only five ways I will probably ever see one;

1. Dead in the back of a pick-up truck
2. Run into one
3.Moose head on someones wall
4. National Geographic channel (would that count?)
5. I could always go into the wilds of Maine and track one down, but of course my luck would call for it to charge me or something equally scary.

I have seen Black bears, they are so very cute and cuddly looking (from inside the car anyway).
I have spooked a few raccoons, terrified a porcupine and had staring contests with way to many coyotes (lost them all)

To crawl off on a little bit different track I would like to say I have a soft spot for lobsters, I am most determined to rescue one of those poor things out of the supermarket, I am going to build a special tank for it and bring it home, I have a name already picked out, Leroy. Leroy the lobster. I shudder to think of those poor things thrust into a pot of boiling water. I am not a vegetarian, but still really somethings are too much, a cow dies quietly enough, not too much trauma in the process, you sneak up behind him bonk him in just the right spot (this really should only be done by the pros or the cow will suffer) and he is off to happy grazing grounds, but a lobster grips the side side of the steaming pot screaming in lobstereeze about children and his wife and the seaweed growing outside his house, really, how much more cruel can it get.
I like animals.
I am not really fond of birds, of any kind, except the caged ones, maybe, I can't stand a poor little bird stuffed into a cage that's not big enough, really they need room to flitter about, so if you have a bird with a nice roomy cage, that's great, fine by me. But birds smell, I think that's my biggest problem with them, also they may look stupid but they aren't, I have geese and ducks, they practice military maneuvers at night, I have seen them.
For example;
We have a German Shepard, he is on a running leash, one of the ducks will distract him (the idiot dog falls for it) and the rest dive for his dog food bowl, they will take turns. We feed the ducks, I think they might just be trying to humiliate the dog on purpose.
From evasive moose to campaigning ducks......Now you know.

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