Sunday, January 14, 2007

Global Warming

I don't believe in Global Warming, I correct myself, I believe in Global Warming but only as a natural occurrence that the world goes through every so many thousands of years, this nonsense that SUV's are behind the fact that we aren't having much of a winter this year, I just don't buy it, look for yourself, a few years ago, it was freezing the world was getting colder,they even came out with a propaganda movie about how the world would eventually freeze over "Day after tomorrow" I believe, I like that movie, but it was total propaganda, to get to my point, now the world is warming up, well at least in some places and all the ice caps are melting, so is global warming going to heat up the earth to a lovely boiling point, or plunge us into an ice age, even the experts can't decide. The fact is the world has been through this before.
When Leif Erickson sailed to America around 800 B.C the climate was dramatically warmer then it is now, Newfoundland was nearly subtropical in its weather pattern, 800 years later when the English settled North America, New England and the maritime area was colder then Europe of that same day, colder even then it is now. The process it is going through is a natural process, you can see now through historical records that 1200 years ago the area in which I live had a mild climate and then it went through a dramatic shift to a more frigid climate and now we are back on the warming cycle and though we are not as warm as it was 1200 years ago, give it a couple hundred years........
After all fossils found in the Gulf of Maine from many different eras demonstrate that this warming, cooling cycle is a permanent part of the natural history of the planet.
So I if you if you want to drive your SUV go ahead, feel no guilt after all Lief Erickson wasn't sailing a petroleum powered boat.
I wonder what the Liberals blamed global warming on then?

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