Friday, January 12, 2007

A couple of Jehovahs's Witness's just left my house.
Before I go any further let me state I like Jehovahs Wittness's (in future to be called JW) I have JW friends, I have no problem with any religion out there, well except for maybe muslims, and of course they want me dead so I might be justified in being slightly nervous about them, although the few I have met were harmless enough, oh lol that came out funny......... back to the JW's
They just left my house, I have to say it was brave of them to come say hi, I live on a dead end road, off a back road thats off a back road with a 350 ft dr. thats currently covered in ice, not to mention my small security guard of ducks and three special ops geese, I have a couple of cats that have been known to puncture tires and goats that eat fenders, oh and a German Shepard, like I told them, he's friendly, lol.
God Bless them.

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