Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Baby Bouncers

Elenore is now three months old, and she thinks being laid down on the floor is torture in its purest form. So we trekked off to the local store to check out bouncers and other props for babies who cannot sit up by them-selves but demand to be sat up anyway. Elenore was with me sitting up in her car seat so she sucked on her pacifier while I browsed the some what limited selections, Every now and then I would hold some thing up and say how about this one? She would stop sucking to ponder the question, then after a few seconds resume sucking and close her eyes as if to say "we are tired, do not disturb us with these trivial nothings" OK then, So I stood in front of "Perfectly Pink with 6 Dangly toys and a 500 Hundred Song Data-base that Slides Left, Right, North and South and Canters" I guess that would cover everything, She will at least be able to sing "Twinkle Twinkle Little Star by Nirvana while riding a horse and traveling in the right direction when she's six, can you really pass up a deal like that? On the other hand (or actually to the left ) was a Rain forest Bouncer that was environmentally friendly, the box proclaimed it was once a bunch of dirty diapers and car tires and it will in 6 months disintegrate into earth friendly matter, as an added bonus it was pre-programmed to play a 24 hour live feed of NPR. Now come on I can't let my daughter grow up to not care about the earth right? It was a muted point anyway, we left without purchasing a thing, I heard there was another store with more then two options somewhere to the north and of course after those last two selections that's all I need, right?

I love to shop, I could spend all day looking at the ridiculous amount of STUFF they sell, that have ridiculous functions, really Elenore is happiest being held and cuddled, she loves to talk and be talked too, she does hate to lay on the floor but I would bet anything she has got the ceilings memorized by now, although I did try to convince her there was a new cobweb in the corner this morning, she wasn't buying it, she swore it was there last week, but I digress, I will continue to hold her until they come out with a bouncer that doesn't have more technology then my toothbrush. After all it only lasts so long.

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