Saturday, January 20, 2007

Today, My Rambling Thoughts

Trees in the Snow
(c) K.A.

I really thru that last post up! There are mistakes all over the place and it doesn't make sense half of the time.

Why do children love bodily functions? Age old question I know. Everett, not feeling well, began to throw up the other night, I hollered out to Joff to bring me a towel because Everett was throwing up (repeat ) All of a sudden down the hall I could hear "where? where? I want to see, what color is it, did it get all over you!" two little girls ( they wish to remain unnamed, wouldn't you?) stood in front of the bed, of course as soon as they came in they said "ewwww" and "gross" and "that's yucky" well ya know what I could have told them that!

Have you ever been to a cafeteria full of children were the child who can "rip" the loudest is king for the day? Or maybe in the park, have you been to the park when a gang of children go running past, clothes flying off faster then light, frantic parents chasing after? Child Streak Day.

What about the kid who brought his throw up to show in tell in a bag? That one went down in the history of 1st Grade, I do wonder how he got it past his mom though.............

Enough of that, I am about to gag. Wouldn't the kids love that?

Today was cold, I thought you should know in case you missed the weather report. As we speak the wind is howling to come in and I am stuffing the cracks in the floorboards and drinking tea to stay warm. Joff and the kids are asleep, I have the TV on for background noise, some criminal show, To quote

"Cops then new they were on the right trail"

"Someone had indeed use his car in 1981"

Very predictable and boring, but it is better then hearing the dog snuffle and snore, or worse lick himself.

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