Friday, January 19, 2007

The Death of Mr. Smith

I wish I could write a book, If I could I would write a mystery, I have it all planned out.
It would be about this woman Mrs. Tam say, anyway it would focus around her life and her reading this mystery book, the mystery would be read out along with her life, it would end and this is my fravorite part with her reading the last chapter of the mystery book (the book to be called the "The death of Mr. Smith) She and the readers of my book are just about to find out who did it. Here is the last paragraph of the book I will never write.

Mrs. Tam settled into her chair, It was late and she had better go to bed, but she really wanted to know who killed Mr. smith, she was betting on either Vera the limo driver or Tony the Cafe owner, really it had to be one of the two didn't it? She sat her iced tea onto the table next to her, put a pillow behind her, when all of a sudden she felt a pressure in her chest, confused she looked up to see her best friend looking at her with a gun shaking in her hands, she opened her mouth, but couldn't speak, she looked down at her book and realized as her blood and life drained away, she would never know who killed Mr. smith.

OK I think its a good idea, because you see you the reader would never know who killed Mr. Smith either!
LOL anyway.

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