Tuesday, January 9, 2007

I have a Nikon D50, 18-55 mm lens, tripod and assorted other acc. I LOVE my camera, I am not sure I would be coherant without it, if I could I'd take out a life insurance policy on it. Although and not to be fickle when more money floats my way, I would upgrade, but stick to the Nikon line, don't worry D50 you'll always make a good backup camera, a trusty bystander, a faithful friend ect.
My wish list is short (or long depending on how you look at it)


105 mm

12 mm

18-200 Vr Nikkor


I am not sure I want studio stuff, really I prefer candids most, Posed is very unnatural to me, I want to see the realism of the moment.
Although I also really really like to photoshop. Right now I cut everyone out and try and make some sort of of fantasy picture out of them:)
The bad thing? Everytime I think I am getting somewere with my photography, I see some post somewere with a picture involved, that is similar to mine and Better. Darn, back to trying again.
P.S. Oh ya I am working on a getting my Flikr account loaded with lots of pictures to share.
And because I don't think I'll make it back tonight; Everett Loves the Muppet Show, Every time Rolf come on he says "Me"! My kids are all animals, I think Evs has picked his.

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