Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Grrrrr, We got a letter from the school today saying they are switching from half-day kintergarten to full day:( Not at all happy. Katie is only five (ok she will be six on Friday) but still she doesn't need to be in school all day!
They are redoing the entire school system here, combining all the schools.
Mass education:0
Don't they know children learn better when there are only a few students per teacher? Right now Katie is in the morning class, four students, afternoon class has five students, on the 22nd of this month they will combine the two. To think on the brightside, nine is better then the forty or more they will have when they combine the schools in a couple of years, and thats just the kindergarten class! Darn just went back over to the bleak and miserable side.
Again trying to think happy they will be firing the 200 useless superintendants hanging around here.
Sliding back over.......
They will be trucking kids from miles around just to go to school, those poor kids think they spend half there life on a bus now!
Centralized Schooling.
Just Ducky.

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