Monday, January 26, 2009

To sit and Think

You know those movies, set in olden, rusty times when people sat very still and just thought? Well that is because they didn't have the Internet, I know because I don't have the Internet and every now and again I sit and just think. I think mostly philosophical thoughts, I wonder alot and I want to know just about everything, sometimes this is not good, this can be very bad actually. I realize after I figure out whatever I was dying to know that I was better off not knowing it.
I like to do math, now I know, I know I have vowed a pure and devout hatred for math, but that applies to certain kinds of math, specifically the math I don't know and people want me to learn. But math can be comforting, it is logical and there is always an answer and you know how I love answers:)

I am bored easily and this being a really cold, cold winter and us living for the most part in our living room without the Internet or TV, well I write alot, read some and mostly just think, I have been practicing meditating (anything to stave off the boredom!) and I am getting quite good, especially as I am trying to meditate in a room with toddlers practicing for bit parts in cheap horror flicks.

So lets see what else is new....hmm...
Oh I have it!

Felicity got married! to a kid named Jarrett, the ceremony was held on the playground at school on Friday.
Joff is not happy.

It is cold here, -18 degrees last night. I dreamt of summer. I usually dream of winter come summer so its all good.

A wish for joy and happiness to you, especially on your darkest days:)

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