Monday, January 12, 2009

Hello old friend

You see I have this horrific case of not knowing what I had till I lost it. The internet is sadly indisposable, how people live without it I do not know, what if you wanted to know something?Nothing, absolutly nothing is faster this a quick google search. What if you were feeling lonely and wanted to chat with friends? How about IM? What if you were bored mindless or the kids were in serouis need of entertainment that did not include glitter and glue? Where do you go?
The Internet!
This is my last whine post. Honest:)

So this is not the template that I have been coveting but I thought it was rather clever, actually check out the sight, lots of very useful information and very well written too over at Free-blogger XML templates.

My sister Sharyn (SIL for you purists) wrote this post which I thought was ever so cute, little girls are such fun!


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Melissa said...

I don't know how you did it without the internet! My battery in my laptop wasn't charged and the power cord wasn't working and I panicked (sp?). I made my husband rush to Best Buy 10 minutes before they closed during a snow storm to get me a new cord just so I could make it through the night. Think I have issues?