Wednesday, January 14, 2009

You won't believe this.

I was just home, sweeping my floors and doing laundry when I remembered Evs had to come down to Grandma School and that I would get to use the Internet (Heavenly Hosts Sing) and then I realized I was Annoyed, yes annoyed at having to stop what I was doing and take my son to Grandma School and Waste and hour and a half on the Net!
It didn't last, here I am happily posting away and pshhha on the laundry!

Katie is getting baptised on the 17th. I am so excited for her and proud that she has made the choice to be baptised.

Adam(nephew) and Laura (niece) are here to watch our kids when we go apply for jobs as Census takers, I haven't seen much of Laura, her and Felicity who is home sick (cough,cough;) have been playing happily in the bedroom all morning. Laura is Felicity's Idol.
Adam is a riot ( I say riot, because I can't spell hilarious) He is a great kid and fantastic with little ones. He also likes Bleu Cheese and Primates. He wants to adopt one of my fur-babies but I doubt his mom would be very happy if I let him do that.

It is windy and cold here, plenty of snow and icicles hanging all about. It is wonderful to curl up with a good book and some chocolate and dream of spring.

As poetic as that was I have to confess I am not in love with the Spring, it tends to be wet, muddy and brown. I love the summer, I love running around barefoot and grilling hot-dogs, country fairs and swimming in the ocean. I adore the Fourth of July. And best of all my Birthday is in the Summer!
The fall is my absolute favorite and I really don't mind the winter when I have a warm home to hole up in.

Caleb is now telling everyone NO! And Elli is the worlds best mimic. Evs is a Pirate, T-Rex, Shark, Samurai Jack and occasionally a cat, horse or dog. Alice is reading the Magic Tree house series and loves to read other books to her younger siblings. Katie loves word-searches and crossword puzzles and still plays with stuffed animals. Felicity is loving Kindergarten and waits anxiously for Laura visits:)

That will have to do for a while. My time is up.

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