Saturday, January 3, 2009


Having not been at home much this week due to That holiday you can imagine how very comforting and enjoyable it was to sit at home this evening and watch The shop around the corner while eating a very, very rich box of chocolates that my dear sweet husband bought me:)

I absolutely adore James Stewart Movies even the cheesy westerns:) I am working my way thru them all which makes Netflix all the more wonderful as they have been sending me an extra DVD the last week or so.
So my Faves in no particular order are:
Rear Window
The Shop Around the Corner
Its a Wonderful Life (of course, who doesn't like that movie?)
Lets see, oh yes
Vertigo was pretty good
Flight of the Phoenix (haven't seen this one in a while)
Mr. Hobbs takes a Vacation (That's not a light, that's a dark!)

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Loving Life in the 'Burgh said...

You would love visiting me then. I don't live far from Indiana, PA which is the birthplace of Jimmy Stewart and they have a museum dedicated to him and different festivitiess throughout the year. So...come on down :)