Tuesday, August 14, 2007

My Birthday

I better get around to my B-day, it was a really great day and my family deserves written credit.
It started out with me going off to do some shopping in the morning, while Joff and the kids decorated and wrapped my presents, I found some really great stuff, mostly went to yard sales:)
When I got back we had cake, I had picked out a Reeses Peanut Buttercup icecream cake, mmmmmm, very good.
Then Presents, Evs was a light I can use to read with, or I can snap it on my camera for night work, very useful, except he thought it was his, so I told him we can share it.
Felicity got me one of those Jelly bean pooping cows, she thought this was a totally awsome present and everybody had to try it out, lol.
Alice got me some very nice smelling candles for my cow candle holders.
Katie got me a cow statue figurine (what is the proper name of these things?) it is made out of wood anyway, it is very graceful and lovely cow.
Joff got me Yatzee and Skip-bo and Zoolereto and an Uncle Johns Bathroom Reader (which I also collect) and the complete chronicles of Narnia.
Lets see oh yes, the A's took us to Pizza Hut for dinner ( I love pizza, and really who doesn't) the H's got me the Harry Potter books, which should have been here today but weren't:(
It was a really nice birthday, one of the good ones.

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