Thursday, June 12, 2008

Yep I changed my blog again

So what I really really wanted was a three column blog, found one that was OK but then I stumbled across this AWSOME template and gave up my third column:) I have to go re-do all my little sidebar stuff I had, but thats ok. I can do that:)
Grandma Sharyns box came today, all kinds of cool pool stuff inside and more STICKERS:D
Joff got the truck stuck in the field today trying to pull out a cornchopper, poor Joff and his dad spent hours getting it out, in the end we had the three trucks hooked up and in four wheel drive and it came out, Evs said it was a suburban train. The cornchopper is really cool, it has been sitting there for probably forty years.
We are going to see Chelle's play on Friday, She is doing "The Rainmaker" which I have heard of but unlike everyone else I haven't seen the movie. I am hoping to take pictures.
Can't think of anything else.

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