Friday, June 6, 2008

Hay Hay! Joff and I are married 8 years:)

Ya I know, been a while!

First I revamped my blog, Minor changes, I went PINK! And I made a new header, I am NOT an artist and that cow was a challenge, the fence was fun, the cow just took too long, I have been looking for a place to use that font as I love it so and haven't been able to use it anywhere else. Ok boring stuff over with!

So our anniversary was the 2nd of June, it been eight years, weird but it doesn't feel at all that long, or maybe eight years just isn't long at all?

We ended up going south (Old Orchard Beach) we went to Funtown/Splashtown, Splashtown wasn't open yet, fine with me, we practically had the rest of the park to ourselves, it was awesome, most of the rides we went on we were the only people on it! I rode Excalibur a wooden roller coaster, lots of fun if a tad short, we ended up just riding it over and over without getting off, that was a great thing about no lines! Joff did get sick, because he went on a spinning ride with me and he doesn't like spinning rides, poor Joff. We rode almost every ride in the park and it was lot of fun. The park closed at three and so we headed over to the beach, which was also almost empty, the tide was out and it was sooooo beautiful there was this fantastic reflection on the sand, we found some sand dollars and got our feet wet, it was COLD!!! We got a couple of new games and went to this Buffet (Dunsten School Restraunt) very good food and a great price, different to anything I had been to before, there were no menus, you just walked in , were seated and then you went and filled your plates, if you wanted you could ask your waitress (waitperson:)lol) for a lobster for only seven bucks more! Joff of course got the lobster it was so sad, I feel for the lobsters, I couldn't watch him eat the poor thing:( We were going to watch a movie but decided we were to tired and we'd probably fall asleep, so we just came home. It was loads of fun, it was so nice to be able to spend time with Joff, talk to him without being interrupted a million times, I even got to walk beside him! LOL there are usually so many babies and bags to be carried. Lets see oh yes, I took a disposable camera, lets see if I can't post a few pictures.

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