Sunday, June 8, 2008

Be Happy! We need more hopeful and happy People!

(sigh) I am determined to stay on course and try to remain as hopeful and happy about life as possible, to enjoy my life without always fretting about the "scary" future, but it is ever so hard when everyone else is dooming and glooming and fretting. In my ever so amazing revelation that one needs not be constantly worried about the future, I also realized that really what does sitting around talking about how horrible it will be if X candidate is elected president? Truly the most one can do remain aware of the issues and most importantly what one can do on a local level, why waste my time moaning about the "Great and Terrible" future, when I could very well be preparing for it? And yet I do it like everyone else I know, one can't help a rant now and then, with the idiots we have running this country and my wonderful state I can't help it, just so I don't get carried away, just as long as I do not let myself run away with my ranting, just as long as I keep my spirit happy and hopeful.
BUT I DO hate the news, oh how I do, its ever so much worse then having a doom and gloom conversation with family and friends, you sit and have your soul sucked right out of you, your eyes glaze over and you instinctively reach for the anti-depressant pills, I do NOT understand this. Don't get me wrong I love information, I am a great lover of the Internet, I am in control of what I read, what information I allow myself, sometimes, I see a headline and the headline is enough to tell me that's all I really need to know, I love the Internet because I can get both sides of a story, better yet I can find the happy news, the good stuff that amazingly is still happening in this world. People nowadays focus way to much on the negative news, they watch it on TV then sit around for hours discussing it. I so just want everyone to be happy and get along and focus on the good of one another instead of the bad. I am going to read something happy (I am sorry if you are reading this and do not find it happy:) Lets see if I can't find something, be right back!

Hey I've got it! quick search (very quick) try they claim "Real News. Compelling stories. Always Positive". Oh I love there horoscope for today (June 8)
"Good news! The stars do not control your destiny, you do!"

I definitely feel better after writing this, I was feeling a bit blue, because every time I go some were people are discussing the unhappiness of it all and I really so want everyone to be happy.

Be Happy, be Hopeful!

P.S I love Spellchecker:P

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