Thursday, June 19, 2008

I'm Sooooo Behind!

So School is OUT! YEA! Katie finished 1st grade and Alice finished Kindergarten and I am so excited to have them home for the next ( eight/nine weeks).
I am going to be doing a summer homeschool with the three older girls, a sort of practice to see if I am ready to homeschool fulltime and also to help get Felicity ready for Kindergarten and because Katie and Alice really, really want too:)
So if you didn't notice, which I am sure you didn't so no hard feelings, my computer crashed, I waited around for a week in a dazed and miserable state for it to magically fix, then I finally realized it wouldn't fix itself, so I fixed it, everything is all wonky now and I am missing half of everything but hey I did the best I could and more importantly I have retained all my files:D

We had a pool party on Saturday ummm June 14, I think it went over well, I do know the kids stayed in the water pretty much all day, Joff was the guy in charge as I came down with some wierd bug and ended up feeling pretty miserable. I kind of bombed out on Fathers day too, but I did get up early and make him breakfast and I had the kids take it in to him, so it was sort of OK.
Searching my brain for anymore info and I can't think of anything, oh has anyone checked out I love this site, I'll go link to it.

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