Monday, January 14, 2008

Katie,The Dentist and Snow

Happy Birthday Katie! My little girl is seven. She had a great birthday I think, Everyone came down and she got lots of presents. I will post a picture later.

Felicity is not a normal child, We took her up to a dentist appointment on Friday but stopped in at Toy"R"US first, when we pulled in She said "Hey this isn't the Dentist! I wanted to go to the Dentist!" And then when we did get to the did get to the dentist every time the lady came out to get some one she would jump up "Is it my turn! Is it my turn!" It gets worse, after the dentist brought her out, her jaw all swollen because she had a tooth pulled, the dentist said Felicity would have to come back on Monday, she turned to Felicity and said "is that all right Felicity?" Felicity replied "ya Monday" I tell you thats just not right.

Its snowing-LOTS.

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