Friday, March 14, 2008


Hello, I have been sitting her thinking about posting, but my brain is so scrambled lately, oh well.
I have been miserably sick for a week now, today I feel loads better although my throat is so very raw and I have a lingering headache. I'll survive.
Laying here in bed for the last couple of days, I have been surfing around on the internet and I have noticed one subject, one trend thats on every board, my Photography forums, the Large family forums, my LDS forums, News forums and a couple of other forums I visit, the thing is EVERYONE believes there is this change coming to America, most are scared and see it as a bad change (ie: high gas prices, higher everything else, the coming election, healthcare ect.) its seems everyone is fed up (republicans and democracts, but for the wrong reasons:) I guess what I see is an anxousness (is that a word?) people of all affialations are worried. The most suprising thing to me is how many people I see that are worried, sure there are a few who say, its all going to be okay, but I dunno..........
On another slightly (ok very) funny note, all this surfing has shown there there are two kinds of people out voting for a democrat, the ones that HATE Obama and the ones that HATE Hillary, why is this funny, because if anyone would bother looking you would see they have the same issues,with only very very minor differences they will shape America the same way. I resign myself, I will not be voting this year.

Since we are being depressing today, They are going to close down my kids school! NOOOOOOO! Okay there are a little less than a hundred students, so they say, cuts have to be made why not just close our school , so all the cuts are in one spot, I say why does our district need four superintendents? Why not get rid of a couple of those first, I can think of a dozen ways to cut costs without actually closing my school, I love that school, I love the quality of education. I am am very very upset. My kids will get bussed over to the nearest Elementary school that has already three hundred and fifty students, I am not happy and will be calling the school board for more information on Monday.

Alices new thing to say is: "Do you want to give it a go?

My cat loves me:)

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