Sunday, April 6, 2008

Conference and other Stuff

Its hard to wrap my mind around President Monson, being President Monson:) I liked Elder Christofferson ( I hope thats how you spell it). There were lots of great talks as always and a couple of really, really good ones.
Cindi and I took a billion quizzes yesterday, I found out that I am a "Hapless Extra" like in Star Trek:_ Cindi is a "Damsel in Distress".
I Don't have hardly any pictures of Everett on here so I need to post a couple tonight.
Alice totally is addicted to Skippy Jon Jones, they are pretty good books.
The snow is melting, but at such a rate that we still might miss summer altogether.

My mind is a total blank tonight, so thats all I've got.

Sometimes I feel like a cook, most of the time I feel like toast. KA

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