Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Elli's growing up and meet Madison!

I just got a new Billy Banks Tae-Bo DVD, every morning I wake up early put it in the DVD player, grab a cup of tea and settle into my easy chair, I haven't lost any weight yet, but with the sweat I work up just watching...........its only a matter of time.

I love the 18 month old stage, thats where Elli's at right now, She is still very much a baby, but she has a decided independent streak, for example, she doesn't walk anymore, she "Swaggers"
She is a somebody and she knows it. She loves to come up for a hug out of the blue and sometimes she just hangs on and doesn't want to let go, its okay I don't want to let go either. Having kids is definitly a dangerous thing to do, having children means you don't ever want them to get hurt, you don't want them to see the sad and horrible things that can and do happen in this life, I am not exactly the throw myself in front of an oncoming train kind of person, but if it meant saving one of my kids I'd do it in a heartbeat (lol kids make us suicidal in more ways then one:) but anyway it always breaks my heart to see that baby fat melt away and instead of clinging to your hand for dear life at the park, they take off like you never existed.

On a happy note, we got a new baby! Her name is Madison, she's a calico sweetheart with long legs and big beautiful ears, if cats walked the runway in Paris, she'd be on it.

Why oh why is there in internal server error everytime I try to upload pictures?

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