Wednesday, August 6, 2008


Relief settles in as things begin to settle down, things are coming together and I am feeling pretty chipper:D

Caleb going to be walking soon, he tried walking today, stood up in the middle of the floor and tried to take a step, it was awsome, soon!
I am such a dunce sometimes, I JUST realized I am going to have TWO one year olds in the house for a month!
Katie and Alice have developed an addiction to Bella Sara cards ( Joff told Katie if she worked hard this week he would pay her and of course you know what she is going to buy! Thats right Bella Sara cards, All I have heard this week is "I Can't WAIT for saturday, I Can't WAIT for saturday!"
Garr you would think I would be full of news, I'm just not.
Oh its cold, at least for August anyway.
My birthday is Monday.

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