Saturday, May 26, 2007


My Lilac Blossom
We had a bonfire last night, Able and Lucilly came over with hotdogs and marshmellows, it was fun. Alice really got into it, she did several Goblin Dances around the fire. Katie told a story, one, I guess, Joff and his family grew up with but I had never heard, I shall get Katie to tell it to me again, so I can type it out here, it was pretty silly.

It is such a nice day today, 79 its true, but nice and windy. I was hoping that we wouldn't have to much of a bug problem this year, and so far it isn't to bad, but yesterdays heat brought out some very hungry mosquitos, They took all the blood I was planning on donating next time I go to my Dr.'s, but I feel good that I am helping to keep a species alive.

I finally figured out how to download Podcasts, very simple I know, but hey I have a lot of really really dumb moments when I am pregnant, I am completely dangerous when pregnant, once I forgot which side of the road to drive on, see what I mean? Anyway, we have a Rush Limbaugh subscription, Joff needed to have the podcasts for his Ipod so he could listen while working outside and I finally figured it out, so I am feeling clever today. By the way it really is easy, I wasn't reading the instructions, in my defense, for a while there I couldn't Find the instructions:)

If my computer will cooperate I will show some pics of my Lilac Bush, They all got me last year, It has one blossom and it smells very good, it is growing pretty rapidly, one of my Peony Bushes is coming up, also I will post some pics of a mysterous blossoming tree we have growning in the woods, I keep meaning to ask Dan when he comes what it is, but I never remember.

Oh ya, before I forget, last night, Alice said:
Will someone just get me a freakin marshmellow already!
She was in a Goblin Groove

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