Saturday, May 19, 2007

This blog has been sadly neglected, but in my very well constructed defense I will say that my computer time has been slashed into almost nothing, the girls spend long hours on the Hasbro site, playing My Little Pony games or coloring, Joff has been trying to wrap up all his school work and by the time someone (anyone!) has handed over the computer, I am half asleep or so behind in other projects (photography) that the sad end result is this blog is neglected.

Alice has once again proven her uniqueness, yesterday, on my way to the store I asked the girls what there favorite foods where, I got the usual response from Katie and Felicity "chicken nuggets, mac&cheese, ice cream" but Alice said "Spinach!" and she was serious , Alice Loves Spinach.

Sis. A was polishing girls nails today, a lovely shade of pink, Evs got in line, I said Oh no, Evs little boys don't wear nail polish he literally came running over crying to me and landed in my lap, I broke his heart, so I weakened and Sis. A put green nail polish on him.

To jump around a bit......
When I was a teenager and the Whole World was against me and nothing, Nothing was Fair, I wrote poetry, I think writing under those circumstances provides some of the worlds worst poetry. I don't write that kind of Poetry anymore, mostly because I mean who has time, I am way to busy making my kids lives miserable and completely unfair. But in moments of boredom, usually late at night, nothing is good on TV, there is nothing to read, no one to talk to and my kids are still to young to pull pranks on ( I can't wait for them to be Teenagers, oh the things I have planned, Shhhh) I write, stupid nonsensical things. Which leads me to the whole entire point of all this, a poem, by me....

Wrap me in Sunshine
Careless grey
I promise forever
With no plans to stay
To wake in the morning
To face the wonder
A scowling landscape
bring me up, lift me from under
writing with a frown
Secret smile
all the time a crying
its been such a long, long while
Can you make sense
do I need to see
someone to help my addled....
stuck laughing,
laughing, me.
See? Do you see what I mean?No good can come from staying up late at night.
That's the first and last version, trying to fix that would be like taking a broken vase and throwing it on the ground.
I have to go grab the cat.

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