Wednesday, September 17, 2008


So does two posts in one day mean I have no life?
Felicity is doing sooooo good in Gymnastics, you should just see her on the beam, she is doing fantastic!
I hate doing dishes. Did you know that if you read my journal from the time I was 11 till I was about 16 all of my entries start with "I did dishes today....." no kidding!
Jilly-Boo is adorable, aren't two year olds (ok almost two) the cutest?
Papa is Celebrating his 80th this year, I am very excited and really would like to get down there for his birthday, so if anyone wants to send donations my way for that trip............I do paypal:)
My Papa has Parkinsons, I feel like a total loser when I compare myself to him, he is amazing, he just goes and goes and keeps busy and does so much more in a day then I can ever do. He has accomplished so much I don't even know were to begin, I just hope that I can take everything he has taught me and do justice to it! I love my Papa.


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