Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Blog Stalker+October

OK maybe nothing that serious, but still, one of my favorite things to do in the WHOLE WIDE world is to blog surf, I heart TipJunkie, I usually start there then get stuck:) I love to read about what everyone is up to (if only certain members of the family would write more!) I am just this evening a convert to the Meanest Mom blog, she is wicked funny! The only problem with all this catching up on whats going on at my favorite blogs is that it can takes hours no, wait, it can take days! LoL.

So I have to write today, its the last day of September (Cindy its Tuesday:) and the last day of the month always makes me sad and happy all at the same time, sad that another month has gone, my kidlets are all another month older (I"M another month older!) life is flying past and I still haven't finished sanding my bookshelf's (I have been talking about sanding those bookshelves for months). The last day of the month makes me happy because I can't help but feel excited about all the things that might happen next month, tomorrow I will wake up and it will be October, how awesome is that, I can finally hang up my bats and get out all those scary fuzzy spiders for the corners of my house, I love putting up fuzzy spiders. It also means putting those window clings (that don't cling without gorilla glue and duct tape) on the windows. The first day of October means baking something involving pumpkin and googling new ways to scare my kids, it means the cozy glow of a wood-stove early in the morning and trying to convince to my girls to be something mean instead of something sweet for Halloween. October means Chocolate!
October definitely means leaf collecting, pumpkin carving, warm sweaters and knit hats and cold feet when everyone piles into one bed on a Saturday morning (who am I kidding! That's happens most mornings!)
I love October

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