Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Sloppy Order

I like to think I am a fairly sloppy person. I make messes when I eat. You should just see my computer desk! I rarely make my bed. I can't draw straight lines without a ruler. I can and do leave dishes in the sink all day. I make little piles of stuff all over and where ever I happen to be at the time. But one thing I cannot stand is when stuff doesn't line up right. Walk in to a room and someone has a couch halfway across there window and all I want to do is fix it, move the couch or the window, something. You can hang a picture/clock/shelf straight, get a level. Or just let me do it. It will make me happy. One more, I love it when I see a bookshelf were the books are lined up according to size, it looks so nice! Oh and just for the record my little piles all over the place (mine, not Joffs or the kids) are very neat and organized:)
Happy First of October.

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