Sunday, October 19, 2008


So Susannah "tagged" me a couple of posts ago, I have been trying to ignore and avoid it. Its like chain letter that has gone terribly wrong, but since my momma taught me to never be rude and I love Susannah, We'll see how it goes, besides it says seven random and weird things, anyone who knows me will say I am a weird thing!
Without further ado:
1. I got married when I was sixteen.
2. I have never ever been to public school (this could account for some of my weirdness:)
3. Before I die I Have to do some serious cliff diving.
4. I hate minivans.
5. My journals entry's from when I was nine till I was sixteen all start "Today I did dishes".
6. I collect cows.
7. Joff and I are going to bike from Maine to California (someday when the kids are grown-up).
Now who to tag? Hmmmm. I think I will suffer the painful death option and let it die on my end (gasp! horrors!)
Seriously, if you wish to put down 7 random things about you, go ahead claim I tagged you then there is know pressure on either of us:)

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