Thursday, October 16, 2008

One of Those days

You know the one I'm talking about, rainy, cold and kids bouncing off the wall. I gave up when Joff came home and ran outside, rain is nothing compared to six kids in cramped quarters:)
I discovered that I adore the Maine woods for reasons other then there stunning beauty, they allow me to Hide. Thats right, when my kids stepped out onto the porch yelling out; Mooooommmmmyyyyyy! Caleb threw the cat in the toilet! Mommmmyyyyyyyyyy! Can I have the chocolate I found in your desk! (this is a ploy often used to get me to come out, but I can buy more chocolate, plus I have a secret back up supply that so far hasn't been found).
Its not the poor angels fault, who ever designed trailers was both sadistic and had no children, they purposefully built them with the worst possible layout, styrofoam walls and trampoline quality flooring. I just remind myself, soon Joff will out of school then I can build my house and all kinds of sound proof walls and secret rooms to hide in:) Imagine our hide and go seek games!

I love my sweet punky little chicklets, even when they eat my chocolate, throw the cat in the toilet and the cheerios and all my Family Circle magazines and the phone. I love them even when they take all the books out of the bookcase, setup a sale outside then forget and it rains.
I love them when they take all the clean clothes out of there drawer try them on just long enough for them to get dirty and then they thoughtfully put them back. I love my sweet little punks and wouldn't trade them for a world of chocolate (well maybe:)

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