Friday, October 3, 2008


We went to Jo~Anns Fabrics. My girls bless there dear, sweet wonderful little hearts, love Jo~Anns. So much possibilty for the creative soul in that store and my girls have alot of creative soul:) My Girls want to be cats for Halloween, but all that fabric was too tempting, so they decided to be Cats in Capes, I made them swear on every Petshop they own that they wouldn't change there minds in the remaining 29 days till Halloween. Then Felicity spotted a Giant Plastic Axe and went simply mad over it, so my girls will be Cats in Capes, except for Felicity who will be a Cat in a Cape with an Axe:D
Jilly-Boo will be a little Witch and right now the boys are going to be pirates, because I haven't bought there costume materials yet they are free to change there minds.

Joff watched the Biden/Palin debates last, I refused. I have stepped away from the news:) I am quite passionate about politics, but there just isn't anyone to be passionate about anymore. They want to regulate everything, they want to put is in padded rooms and spoon feed us. Yuck.
So I have pretty much decided to NOT vote for anyone, I'll write someone in or something, maybe I'll vote third party for the fun of it.
I'll save the rest of the rant I have in my head for another day.

We are having Jilly-Boo and Chowders birthday party today. I have blown up about 25 balloons and there are more that need to be blown up, I wrapped there presents and Elli helped me make her birthday Pie (Pumpkin, because she is my Pumpkin Spice:). Her whole names is:
Princess Elli Elephant, my Shining Light, Pumpkin Spice, Punky Doodle, Snuffleufugus, Jilly-Boo.
We Call Caleb Chowder he has alot of other names too, but they are always changing, lol.
Elli has started calling Felicity (who we sometimes call Lollipop or Lulu) Lissy, which I think is rather cute:) Alice is Gorgeous and Piglet. Katie is Kitty, Kittycat, Kitten or Cat, lol. Everett is my Ever ready or Evs.
Happy Birthday Elli and Caleb.

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