Friday, October 17, 2008

Christmas Shopping (or Window Browsing if you want to be technical:)

OK so I think this has got to be the cutest Booster Seat Ever. Found over at Warm Biscuit it comes in Blue, Pink and Blue gingham and Pink Polka dots:)

Remember this! They also sell Classic Toys I haven't finished looking yet, there is so much to see:)

My girls are crazy for My Little Ponies and Littlest Petshop, I adore these Calico Critters as maybe something different? I found them over at
Wonder Brains .

Also check out Oompa Toys they have made in Europe and America toy options if you are feeling in a lets not support China mood:D

Sometimes I just want something a little more unique then the typical chain store fare and you gotta love the net for some awesome buying ideas! Happy Shopping Ya'll!


Anonymous said...

Thanks for your "browsing" ideas. Could I suggest a store I found called Landbridge Toys?

They also focus on European toy designers. Their customer service is really wonderful.

Cara said...

Another good one is Educational Toys Planet.

Kristal said...

Thanks for tips:) And OMG that life sized goat on landbrige! My dh was all "I want that!", lol.