Wednesday, July 9, 2008


See I still have time for my little blog:D

I have discovered Lightroom (heavenly choirs sing, ahhhhhhh, ohhhhh, ahhhhhh) lol, anyhow heres a picture of Felicity taken in RAW and converted in Lightroom. I am only posting one picture because I am going to start posting all my favorites over on my photoblog, all the rest and family snapshots I will continue to post here. Oh wait I am on Joff's computer, the picture of Felicity will be in the next post.

My little monkeys are getting clever and sneaky, every night they try to convince me its not as late as it really is, tonight they didn't go to bed till ten!

Drained the pool today so we could remove some rocks, when there was only about one foot of water left Elli got in and sat down clothes, diaper and all, she loved it! I hollered over to Joff to come look and Elli said "don't look, don't look!" LOL she is getting pretty handy with words and she loves showing off that she can put together a sentence.

Caleb (my little chowderfest) weighs more then Ella by two pounds!

Alice's birthday is creeping up on me and we hear about it everyday, I am not ready.

Hot here in Maine, I am the ultimate whiner when it comes to weather, but then I have to have something to complain about right? It might as well be the weather.

Talked to Gary today a little about my Photography Business, it was fun, the talking was anyway, business on the hand is not, I wish I could just take the pictures and have someone else deal with all the paperwork and legal issues:( But I am sorting it out and although I will not be up and running as soon as I thought I think its safer to have everything in order first, besides I DO have some sessions coming up next week, I am super excited about that and more pictures for my photoblog before I go live.

Going to get on my computer and share that picture of Felicity now!

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