Sunday, July 6, 2008

Happy 4th of July

WE had a strange mishy mashy 4th, a good one don't get me wrong just different:) We went to to the breakfast at the church for the flag raising ceremony and breakfast, then we headed up to Winslow for the parade (the kids LOVE parades) we went to the park to check out the activities but it was sooooo crowded we ended up leaving and coming home for some swimming and a cook out, we watched fireworks on Sat. in Newport, not the dazzling display I am used to, but again the kids loved them so I am happy and I think it turned out very well.

Happy 4th:)

I have been working my little busy self, I have been getting ready a website and getting my advertisements together, I have been finishing up portfolio sessions and I am almost ready, almost but not quite ready to hit the "GO" button, soon Atwater Photography will be open and I am excited and terrified at the same time, terrified because well its a very new thing for me to do, I have never done anything for myself like this before its such a new and scary thing, but I am excited at the same time, because well I get to do something I Love. I was in Walmart the other day and while waiting for Joff to use the restroom I watched as a mother struggled to get her daughter to cooperate and the "photographer" was hurrying them along and it was horrible, why pay to have a picture on your wall of an unhappy child, that's NOT who your child is, that's NOT a memory that I would want, and I intend to offer the kind of session that will bring out the personality of my client, that is unrushed, that will be fun and that they can look back at the pictures and say that's who my child was. So that's another reason I am excited, because I had the Walmart experience myself with my kids once and I will NEVER do it again.

I Need to mention this, I debated on it, but decided it just had to be said. I would like to thank a person who wishes to remain anonymous, Thank you so, so much for providing the funds needed to get this going, this seriously wouldn't be possible if it wasn't for your awesome generosity and even more for your constant encouragement, it means the world thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Now I need to get back to work:)

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