Thursday, July 24, 2008

Happy 6th Birthday Alice!

WOW busy is an understatement but I had to stop in tonight and tell everyone that my Alice is SIX!
She is getting so big and it breaks my heart but I am proud of her all at the same time. We were headed down to the coast today but because of problems with the truck we stayed home and the A's and Cindi's family came over (also Chelles kids because Cindi is babysitting) She got a ton of petshop and MLP stuff, a camera and some skippyjon jones books. I'll post pictures tomorrow:) She confessed she is begining to like horses more then pigs! She says she still loves pigs, now its just a tie, waaaaaa! My little piglet is growing up.
Sorry this is so short, I'm short on news and all I can think about right now is getting this photo buisiness GOING, I am sure its driving my family nuts, its good in some ways I need to set bounderies, I NEED certain days of the week were I don't have any work, so this is teaching me right off the bat, that while its important to do my job well and cover all bases I need to remember I have a life and a family:D LOL Joff has this running bet that I CAN"T not get on the computer for a whole day, Confession! It would be very, very hard! Even Sundays I go online to read up on lessons and stuff for FHE, alright and I usually catch up on emails on Sundays, I figure thats an OK Sunday activity:) I have to admit I spend at least two hours on the computer a day, not all online and I certainly don't play games, but I do need to spend less time on the computer its just there is so much to learn! OK I gotta go. Better get off the computer;)

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