Friday, March 9, 2007

Felicity and Alice

Yesterday Felicity and Alice were playing with there "My Little Pony's" The new miniture ones, well they were fighting over a pony spoon, which appeared to be almost invisible is was so small, Felicity was claiming it was part of a set (and we all know you should NEVER break up a set!) and Alice claimed she needed it for her pony to eat her icecream with and here is the interesting part:
Felicity said "Alice give me that spoon or I will snot on you" Alice drew back in shock as Felicity proceeded to sniff in a big one Alice said "You wouldn't! Thats gross!" Felicity letting a little drip out her nose said for effect said "Yep I would" Alice quickly handed over the spoon, turned to me and said "Mommy, Felicity needs a wipe!" and then turning away to get all of her stuff together she muttered under her breathe "shees thats disgusting"

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