Sunday, March 25, 2007

Aveyond, the rest is rambling nonsense

I have discovered this very interesting game, I normally spend my time on the computer editing photo's, typing up emails, or and mostly surfing, I love to read and there is alot to read online, but lately I am guilty of mostly just playing Aveyond (it can be found here : ) it lots of fun.
So we saw another moose or actually I think it might be the same one, don't know, this time I have pictures and will be posting them on my Favorite blog, uh, probably tomorrow.
Spring has yet to arrive although mud season is in full swing, it has warmed up to a balmy (ha, ha) 40-50 degree's "most" days, I tell you what I am not putting away the thermal underwear yet, waaaaay to early.
I am (was ) YW counselor at church and was released today, kind of sad, it was lots of fun.
Easter is only two weeks away! Oh excitement! Last year the party was at our house and in the end we had to take up the carpet the candy would not come out for anything! I have giving my yard a stern talking to, ( I am slightly off my rocker, I acknowledge this ) I demanded that any and all traces of snow and mud be gone , that grass at least be attempting to make an appearance and that the smelly waterfowl be banned to an appropriate pen of adequate size, by Easter, do I expect these demands to be met? Not in the least, but I can wish:)
All of a sudden is eerily quiet in here, I can here the wall clock ticking, the lights are flickering and oh no was that a draft from an opening door! Okay, okay, but it is quiet all of a sudden. No complaints about that. I am seriously running out of ramblings.
Oh wait favorite quote for today:

"I only feel bad I don't feel worse"

I will look up who said it later.

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