Thursday, March 15, 2007

Today. Hows that for an original title?:)

I am desperate to feel like I have accomplished something today and I can't think, I am having a its-rainy-cold-muddy-gross-headache-day. Tonight we are having cold pasta salad, you know, diced chicken, cheese, pasta, tomatoes, cucumbers, green peppers and a sprinkle of Italian dressing, cooked in the morning, it marinates all day in the fridge and its good for you too.
Today is the official day Maine became a State, Today is also my sisters birthday, sadly she lost her baby girl at 6 months pregnant yesterday.

St.Patricks is close upon us, I have been out trampling in the mud and half melted snow to find a clover (any clover, two leaves is fine with me) but if there everywhere any here the geese ate them, despicable geese, its the same with birds, I have been really wanting to test out my new long lens on something besides the geese and stop signs (don't ask) but Wolfy keeps a strict anti-bird real estate law in place, which is very annoying at times, I KNOW there is wildlife out there, but between the geese and the dogs (and maybe my new neighbors who are being very noisy building a new house grrrr) they (the wildlife) stay far away.

May the geese be far from you and may your dog utter no bark.

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